slow and steady wins the race…?

today i weigh 180. as you can tell it’s been a really rocky journey. i’ve gone up and down with my weight so much it’s crazy!!! This week I want to break out of the 180’s for once and for all. At least one things for sure though; I’m NEVER going back to the 200’s or even the 190’s!!! I’m walking everyday this week for 34 minutes and cutting down on lunch and dinner.

anyway…there’s a girl at my school who was bigger than me last January and now she’s tiny! apparently she joined track and started eating less. I really don’t want to join track right now but I’ll walk and work up to running. It’s just kind of weird because I saw her when she was really big then when she was smaller and now she’s really thin! why is it taking me so much longer than the 9 months it took her?! well if it’s true that the slower you lose weight the less likely it’ll come back, then I’m doing great… right? 😀

comments? advice? 🙂 really appreciate them!!!


Well last month I did the math and I need to lose 2lbs a week to get to my goal by my 16th birthday (starting this week) I just haven’t had such a good week. I’ve exercised on monday and this morning but I also had pizza on monday and tuesday, and a Twinkie today! Dang Twinkies!!! It was just one though….lol I guess it’s true that you are what you eat. My sister and I always joke that we’re Twinkies (TWINkies, cause we’re twins and we’re chubby!) we also love anything from Hostess. 🙂

Oh, and as of today I weigh 182 so I’m getting there! 😀

anyway, I just need to keep pushing forward and I’ll get to my goal eventually. My mom says that it doesn’t matter how many times you fall, but how many times you get back up.

comments? 🙂


Cool Website!

This is for all other teen girls trying to lose weight but older girls can still check out all it’s great tips. It’s by a girl named Whitney who lost 100lbs in a year. She gives all these cool tips and recipes. She hasn’t written in a while but I’m hoping she’ll start back up again.

here it is:

I’m sorry I’m sorry! :P

ew I’m sorry I haven’t been writing! I hate when I’m following blogs and the people stops writing.

I have kept up my goals! I’m now 181 🙂 and my goal for the end of this week is 180. My 16th birthday is in 7 months and school is starting on the 24th. wow! my 16th birthday!!! I don’t even have my driving learner’s permit yet. 🙁  Also, 16 is when my parents said i could start dating but i doubt that’ll happen for a while. I’m just really quiet and shy so I can’t really talk to guys. 🙁

Today, I did a 30 minute workout that i made myself. I’m so proud of it too. it really gets me sweating and I can easily adjust it if it’s too hard or too easy. It’s just 20 pushups, 25 crunches, 20 butterfly kicks, 20 “hello dolly”s, then 20 jumping jacks, 20 knee-to-elbows, 20 windmills, 20 russian squats (lunges with your arms crossed behind your head) and then i repeat all that for 2-3 more times. it’s tougher than it sounds. 🙂

I’ve also eaten alot less today 🙂 (nice) comments are ALWAYS welcome


ok so you know how my mom wants me to lose weight as much as i do? well she’s been bugging me to go swimming cause apparently i did when i was little and “was skinnier then”. so anyway, tomorrow i’m going swimming with my sister for an hour. ugh, i haven’t been swimming since last summer (and THAT was when nobody else was there). the thing is, i don’t really want anyone to see me in a swimsuit! but i know that if i go 2-3 times a week for 1 hour i’ll lose weight easier (since i have bad feet and a bad back, yah it sucks im only 14.) i’m scared of people seeing me! and by people i mean boys my age. but i guess i’ll get healthy and then WANT to swim in public….please comment! i write more when people comment and it makes me feel better. like, what do you think about this? should i worry? any things i can do for a good water workout? how about any tips to avoid a guy seeing me? (or atleast recognizing me from school.) yah i know, sad. but thanks 🙂

attack of the goldfish!!!

i just realized i was snacking on those pepperidge farm goldfish when i logged on. so yeah, there back in the cupboard (where they belong) as of… ok good 🙂 ha so anyway….

i had soup for lunch but probably should’ve avoided the big white roll that came with it. around 5 im going to do a “Gilad” video called “the bottom line” get it? it KILLS your thighs but i love it. ooh, and i lost a pound last week!!! now im down to 193 and hopefully 192 next week. I have a quote hanging on my corkboard that says “It doesn’t matter if it takes 3 years, i’m going to be eating and exercising like this forever because i’m making a TOTAL LIFESTYLE CHANGE.” i love that saying cause it reminds me that it’s okay if i don’t lose 30 lbs this month, everyday i’m getting healthier and moving toward my goal. I’m CHANGING the way i live so losing the weight is kind of just the frosting on the cake….well not MY cake but you get the idea. 😛




okay so i haven’t been writing…

but that doesn’t mean i’m not still working on my journey!!!

to update, we’re completly finished moving. (for those who don’t know, my family just moved back to a city we used to live in.) My school’s okay but i’m kind of intimidated by my old friends. they’re awesome and everything, but i feel like i have to befriend them again. they’re all skinny and happy and surrounded by boys. I feel like the fat, quiet girl all over again. and i HATE that feeling. we hung out last friday and everything feels back to normal just a little bit.

anyway, i’m about 45 lbs overweight, if i lose 45 lbs, i’ll be 148 lbs which i right inside my healthy rate range for my height. so yah….i’m kind of nervous writing this but i’ll so it anyway:

i’ve ALWAYS wanted to join the Marines!  i was thinking about it for a while and thought I WANT TO DO THIS. so i am. that’s my goal! and its a HUGE one! i seriously have to get into tip top shape in about 3-4 years!!! i’m so happy that i’ve actually made up my mind to do this. i’ve always wanted to since i was about 9. i’m 14 (15 next week!!).  what do you people think? i’m taking this really seriously too. the only thing is, when recruiters come to my school i avoid them because.. well it’s obvious. ha 😛

please comment!!!! i need to know someone actually might care 🙂 thanks tons

twins= :) just me= :(

so you know that food diary i’m doing? well i found out that i eat a TON of carbs. not fruit, but bread and stuff. today’s goal is way less carbs, and no sugar, 30 min elliptical, and 10 min weights working on my back muscles.

anyway, yesterday at my church youth activity, i found out that it’s a lot easier to be sociable and friendly when i’m with my twin sister. i don’t know what it is, maybe i just feel more comfortable when she’s with me. last week when she didn’t come to the youth activity, i was a lot quieter and felt really shy… i need to find a way to “break away” from feeling like that. i mean, in less than 4 years we’ll probably be going off in different directions and i can’t be so dependant.

Yesterday we also went to register for my new highschool. I’m so excited! i saw some of my old friends and they were all grown up 🙂 i wish i’d done this “journey” like, last year. then maybe i would’ve been thin when we moved back here.

tuesday 1/12

it went pretty good today 🙂 i hardly ate any sweets, mainly because mom isn’t buying anymore since i mentioned my plan. 🙁 / 🙂 i did 30 minutes of the elliptical, 10 min of strength training of the shoulders, but didn’t log my food and i could use a few more vegetables. the meditation went great though. i have a health book and it talks about meditation (i did it for about 10 min)

tomorrow’s plan: more vegetables, be sociable and friendly (my new church has a youth activity tomorrow, i hope i do well), 10 min strength training.

thanks to everyone who commented! i love the support 🙂 !


im starting to get really tired so i’m just going to do the elliptical every other day but still 10 min of weights everyday. my eating plan is going really bad though 🙁 i always crave sweet, sugary things everyday. does anyone have any tips about avoiding treats? it’s really wrecking everything. I even gained a pound last week! actually, i think thats normal since im starting out, but still…

anyway, i want to try meditation this week. and i’m starting my new school next week so i’m kind of nervous. but i guess it’ll be a great time to kick in my “be more sociable and friendly to people” and the “make guy friends” goals. 🙂 anyway, today’s plan is 30 min of elliptical, 10 min strength training, try to meditate for atleast 2-3 min, eat more vegetables and less sweets.

oh, and i forgot to say that i gained 3 lbs over the holidays + what i gained last week= i weight 192 now…