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Hiatus- Tips for portion control and eating out

blondie1 on Sep 19th 2012 06:55 am

WOW! I can’t believe it’s been so long since my last post….who knew life could get so crazy and so many things would have to get pushed to the way side :/ But I’m happy to be back and report I am healthier and happier then I have been in a LONG time! I’ve been working out with a personal trainer once a week and running outside as often as possible (aiming at 3x a week). I started classes up again and am continuing to work on getting my degree and getting myself out into the real world! YIPPIE!

One of the biggest hurdles I’ve been working on these past few weeks is my portion control and making sure the foods and snacks I do eat are organic and healthy (or if I do crave something sweet and not so healthy limit myself to a few bites-just enough to enjoy it but not stuff myself!). So far it’s been working well, but portion control is definitely difficult especially when it comes to eating out. Some of the plates of food restaurants in Chicago serve could feed 4 people! And yet it’s for just one person…INSANE. I’ve gotten good with researching the best ways to know exactly how much a portion of everything you need on your plate is and try to eyeball it the best I can. I know it sounds crazy but go with me on this….when I’m at home and making a meal I normally try to eat standing up in the kitchen. I know…but I’ve realized it helps me feel when my body and stomach is starting to get full and I know it’s about time to stop eating and save it for later. When were sitting in a chair or on the couch in front of the TV (BIG NO NO) we don’t realize how full we are because our stomachs and bodies are in such a relaxed position, so by the time we eat everything and stand up or stomachs are full, bloated and we are miserable. Of course in restaurants I can’t stand and eat by the table so I make sure to take small bites, chew slowly and sip water in between every few bites. And lets be honest you should get half of your meal wrapped in a to go box before it even reaches your table so you for sure don’t risk over eating. But just try it at home and you’ll start to pay more attention to what your body wants and is telling you so when you do start eating out you’ll have a better awareness of yourself and not have to worry! )

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Gone too long but on a mission!

blondie1 on Mar 3rd 2012 01:45 pm

Obviously it has been TOO LONG since I’ve last written and unfortunately its all my fault. My life has been up and down these past few months, bordering good and bad simultaneously. But things are finally starting to look up and I couldn’t be happier! And on the note of happiness I have a new venture I will be working toward and in the mean time to keep myself busy I will be working on some of my own personal recipes and loading them onto my blog for everyone to see and enjoy! Of course, they will be gluten free since that is my life and all I am able to eat 🙂

I’ll be including pictures, fun and interesting facts and as much nutritional information as possible. I would love to get everyones input on the recipes if you try any/if you think they need improvements etc and if you have any personal suggestions of foods you would like me to try to turn into an amazing meal or if you just want a fun holiday themed recipe/idea to use at home! Please don’t hold back and feel free to be as open and honest as you want because that is what I’m looking for! I shall be starting this idea within the next few week so until then send me some ideas and responses!


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5 Day Juice Cleanse

blondie1 on Jan 23rd 2012 01:07 pm

So it has been a few days since I’ve posted…life has been busy BUT I am writing to tell everyone about this great juice cleanse/detox I was on for the last five days. The place is called PEELED and they make everything fresh and in house. It’s like a Jamba Juice but instead of just using fruits they use everything from spinach to celery, watermelon, Kale leaves, ginger root etc. You can do any amount of time from 3 days and up and they give them to you in groups of three days so the juices don’t go bad in your fridge. You get 6 16 ounce drinks in each daily bag and you drink one every 2 hours.

Drink One: Green Juice- Romaine lettuce, spinach, cucumber, parsley, celery, fresh lemon, ginger root, green apples.

Drink Two: Cayenne Lemonade- Cleanses intestinal walls of digestive track and increases alkalinity of the blood and water in our bodies.

Drink Three: Watermelon Juice- Natural blood builders/natural diuretic. Eliminates excess fluid from system and gives you energy. Detoxes liver, kidneys.

Drink Four: Green Juice (again)- Since first round of drink detoxes is complete you return to this drink so your body can absorb all its nutrients and integrate into your system.

Drink Five- Watermelon Juice (again)- Blood, liver and kidneys and further neutralize free radicals.

Drink Six: Cashew Milk- Your blood and body and running on high brimming with your days nutrient intake. Protein rich smoothie full of healthy lignants and Vitamin E. Comforts the senses and prepares body for good nights sleep and next day of cleansing.

You follow this same routine for the number of days selected and once the cleanse is over the following day (which is today for me) You follow a strict vegetarian/raw diet so not to shock your body too quickly with too heavy of foods. I must say…the cleanse was pretty enjoyable (except when you’re out with friends who are eating and you can only stare and eat and drink your juice) haha. But I did notice a difference in my digestion and I “feel” cleaner and healthier on the inside. It is definitely a true test of will power to be able to resist the urge to want to crack a bit when you smell foods or start to feel a bit hungry but remembering you spent money to do this and you know its a chance to turn your life around and detox your body and start over. I feel great I’ve lost a few pounds and I just have a different sense of self and energy in myself now!

If you’re looking for something to help you get a jump start on your diet, drop a few pounds or just give yourself a better sense of self I would HIGHLY recommend a juice cleanse detox. It’s hard but if you are serious and willing to commit to a change then research some good places that offer cleanses and get yourself on the program I promise you won’t regret it. One thing I am excited about for today though…is making myself a FABULOUS healthy and vegetarian dinner and relaxing with a good movie and glass of wine (drinking on the cleanse is not a good idea since you are trying to detox) 🙂

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Thriving and Cleansing

blondie1 on Jan 18th 2012 12:33 pm

Well big news! Last night I feel like I crossed over a major obstacle I never thought I would be able to. These last few days I have been very careful and conscious of everything I eat and making sure to be working out daily, keeping a food log the whole bit. Instead of doing what I used to do which was starve myself for days at a time and either reward myself with a meal out with drinks, full up on booze when out for a night of drinking or just basically smash my wrist into anything and everything I could get my hands on because the hunger pains were just so unbearable I’ve been working on feeding myself little meals and snacks every few hours a day and listening to my body when it is telling me it is hungry and so far it seems to be working. So last night a girlfriend of mine wanted to come over and bake some goodies and catch up….of course I said yes but mentally I was panicking because I was worried I would lose it at the sight and smell of all those sweets and goodies and the last thing I wanted to do was take 4 steps back when I’ve been good so far. So before she came over I started to recognize some hunger pangs…PANIC…BREATHE….BREATHE….so I decided the best way to avoid stuffing myself with sweets and bad calories I would eat a small meal beforehand to get thru the baking and when it came time to enjoy I would just have a few bites and be able to walk away. AND IT WORKED!!!! I made a  bowl of steamed corn and cut up some organic chicken burger, seasoned it and enjoyed a perfectly portioned meal 🙂 So when we finally did sit to enjoy the goodies I really was able to just have a few bites of everything, walk away and NOT be thinking about stuffing the whole thing in my mouth. I ate enough for a small craving and didn’t look back the rest of the night and went to bed NOT feeling so full and sick I wanted to cry. HAPPY HAPPY DAY!!!

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Good Morning!

blondie1 on Jan 17th 2012 08:01 am

Well aside from the rain and wetness that I so wonderfully got to wake up to today I’m hoping it will be a good morning and good day. Days like today can sometimes totally put me in a funk and make me feel lazy and unmotivated but I can’t allow myself to be thinking like that anymore so I am forcing myself to hussle my butt to the gym and get some cardio and weights in to hopefully jump start my day and get me going! After weeks/months of putting it off (being lazy) I finally did some research and found myself a therapist to start seeing again and my first appointment is today at 5. I found her through where they have hundreds of therapists, counselors etc to suit your needs in whatever area you need help in in whatever state and city you live in. She seems great and even uses a holistic approach (which I like) to do hypnotherapy to help you over come any fears, anxieties or issues (smoking, over eating etc) that you may have. Having someone to talk to will be so helpful and get an actual certified person’s perspective on how to cope with things (a horrible 2 year relationship I was in) to my issues with food and using it more for comfort and support and control then sustenance. Fingers crossed for me it goes well!!!

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blondie1 on Jan 16th 2012 08:47 pm

I know I know…sounds boring right? But with the right sound track, good scenery, decent weather and positive attitude it can be truly amazing and liberating! For me personally, I prefer running outside with the fresh air, people all around me and different things to look at and observe. A treadmill is a good option if your knees or anything like that are bad because with the springs in them it lightens the blow compared to solid pavement. But it can get boring at times because well…you aren’t going anywhere! You’re looking at the same thing for however long you’re on there for and that is a big reason people give up so quickly…BOREDOM is lethal! So if you have it in you and the weather is nice get your butt out there and do a brisk jog or run for as long as you can. If you balance it out with some walking to give your legs a rest you’ll get a slight boost to start running again and you won’t be bored with all the people and fun things to see and observe Running is a huge mood elevator because it releases natural chemicals to the brain that relieve stress and literally make you happy and of course you’ll feel amazing afterwards and extremely motivated to keep up a healthy routine the rest of the day or night. So at any point you start to feel bummed out, depressed or anxious just don’t even give yourself another minute to sit and dwell on those emotions but just throw on your gym shoes and grab your IPOD and get yourself out there! It’s a great way to clear your head, think and process your day and your feelings. I promise you won’t regret it and it is a total body workout and you can’t really beat that! 🙂

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Get to know me

blondie1 on Jan 16th 2012 01:00 pm

FOOD FOOD FOOD FOOD FOOD. DIET DIET DIET DIET DIET. ROLLER COASTER. ROLLER COASTER. ROLLER COASTER. This is my life in a nut shell over the last few years. I have been a diet, emotional eater, restrictive calorie counter OCD gym fanatic for as long as I can remember. If I wasn’t rigorously counting calories and monitoring every little thing that entered my body I was sitting on my couch eating anything I could get my hands on unable to control myself or turn the switch back off. I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety for years and my battle with food has been just as difficult. I lost my father at a young age and have suffered a bad relationship to follow all which have led to me being the way I am. I know I am strong and have will power like no other, but when it comes to dealing with my emotions and moods that is another story. Whenever I am sad, angry, frustrated and at times happy I will turn to food to comfort or reward myself, which in turns only makes me feel worse about myself because I am in so much pain and miserable from being full my day to day life suffers. I’m tired of living like this and depending on laxatives and colonics to make myself feel better again-followed by not eating or barely eating at all to get myself back to normal only to slip once again. So I am finally putting my foot down and taking my life in my own hands- I am starting this blog to monitor my ay to day life and habits and moods to figure out where my issues come from and hopefully offer help and insight to others who are also dealing with similar issues as myself. On top of that I am going to be researching any and all good books, workouts, vitamins, supplements, and foods/diets to help figure my life out and get my mind body and spirit back in sync once again so I can lead a healthy and normal day to day life again and not let my eating issues rule me anymore. ENJOY!

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Fresh start

blondie1 on Jan 16th 2012 11:46 am

I decided to start this blog for myself and any other helpless and curious people out there who are tired of fad diets, failed attempts, and struggles with food because of allergies! I’ve decided to finally take control of my life and find a way to live a healthy, happy and balanced life 🙂 For years I have struggled with yo yo dieting, self control and portion control management…everything works well for a few weeks because I’m feeling empowered and excited but then eventually (as always) I slip into old habits because either some life event stressed me out and drove me to a pitfall or I just got too burnt out! Over the next few months I will blog about interesting and helpful books I have read or am reading to give me insight and hope into figuring out why these bad habits keep occurring, good work out tips and great places to check out if you’re tired of the same ol’ same ol’ workout routines, also natural probiotics, and vitamins to help with digestion and whatever else might be interesting and helpful to combine with good diet and exercise. I will also be experimenting with different juice cleanses and diet meal options that might or might not work! FINGERS CROSSED!!!

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