Writing Tips

March 23, 2007

NOTE: It has come to our attention that several new bloggers are confused about the blogs and are signing up to post questions for support, ask about diet pills, etc. The blogs are not for Q/A, they are for blogging personal experiences. Other members may comment on your entries to help support you, but the blogs are not for asking questions. The forums are a wonderful and quick source of information if that’s what you are looking for. If you have questions or need support, please use the forums at Thanks :)

Your new diet blog is a weight loss tool. It can help you succeed, depending on how you use it. Being honest in your entries is a great way to look at your diet and how you are doing. Keep a positive attitude, and hopefully it will carry you through the day.

A good post has value for you and for the reader. We read blogs to learn new things, get different points of view, and fresh ideas.

It’s helpful and uplifting when people leave comments in your blog. At the same time it’s better not to write an entry with the expectation of a reply, so you won’t be disappointed if it doesn’t happen. Most people that read your blog will not be registered and can’t comment. If you have a question, then you should post it on our community forum. The blogs are not intended for Q/A. Treat it like a public diary and just write :)

Share information about yourself, but leave out the details. Remember, everyone can read your posts. Safety and privacy are important.

Many, many dieters have used blogs as successful tools to help them lose weight. Most say that they get the most benefit if they blog regularly, at least a few times a week. If they stop blogging, they often don’t do as well on their diets. Be accountable to yourself. Blog.


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