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Today I finally tried out my yoga for beginners video. It was tough. Alot tougher then I thought it would be. About half way through the video I kindof just gave up and sat there feeling defeated and sad πŸ™

But then at the end of the video I did the resting pose and idk it just made me feel great. Very relaxed and calm like it took all my icky feelings of doubt away.

I think I am going to keep at it but work much more slowly. Stick with the easy poses while I learn them and get them down. Then slowly introduce new poses in like every 2 weeks or so whatever feels right.

Anyways I am excited. I also should be getting my walking video here by the end of the week so yay!


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Ok so tonight I went to Dennys & threw caution to the wind and ate a huge dinner. But I don’t feel that bad about it. I am getting better and eating healthier and it is one day at a time. I will slowly begin to make these changes habits and start making better choices!

Β I bought two exercise dvds tonight. Yoga for Beginners & then I ordered Walk Slim: Fast and Firm 4 Really Big Miles. I heard great things about it and think it will be a great way to start out and keep me focused and on track without getting bored. I can’t wait to try them out. I will have to do the yoga one tomorrow and see how it goes.

I remember forever ago my mom had a really awesome yoga video I watched for a bit. I really loved it and so long to get into yoga since then. It was so relaxing and made me feel so amazing afterwards. I am also hoping that getting into yoga will turn my attention to meditation more often.

As I said above I am eating a bit better then I had been. I kindof snacked a bit too much but I had like a granola bar and a banana so it really wasn’t the end up the world. I do realize that I can’t get cheese sticks anymore because they are so yummy & have a nice salty flavor that I tend to just down them oO. I will stick with more fruit as snacks.

I also got some veggies and salad mix with baby spinach. I have been having big salads with lunch everyday and loving them. Today I added chicken to it and I did have ranch dressing but only alittle bit. Tomorrow I think I may make some whole wheat pasta and add alittle spinach, chicken & broccoli. Yum!

Blew it…

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πŸ™ I threw my diet out the window and only slightly glanced back in pity & shame.

It all started Monday night when I ate tacos. I only had 3 of them but I felt like I had a million. Then today I just ate whatever I wanted and pigged out. sigh.

I am starting again or should I say getting back on track. I just need to remember to not let things get to me. I can eat a taco if I want but I don’t need to eat 3 of them. πŸ™

One good thing though is that I drank only water today yay!

Anyways I am having an icky day and I am finding it insanely hard to consentrate so I am just gonna go to bed.

Almost 2 weeks down

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Today sucked.

I was so tired and felt bleh today. I fooled around and didn;t start doing what I needed to until later then I wanted. I worked out well though. I did good cardio I think. Maybe next week I can increase it to 15 mins.

I was starving today though. I ended up eating more then I wanted but still under the highest number. So I am still proud of myself πŸ™‚ I will do better tomorrow!

A good day

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I found a website today that I think will really help me…Β

I can keep track of all my calories and fitness to really easily and simple to follow. It is also giving me exercise tips and a plan to follow. I decided to keep doing cardio 5 days a week but only do strength training 3 days (Sun, Wed, Fri). And now for my cardio I am going to walk for 10 mins for a warm up. Then do stretches for 10 mins. I then walk for 30 mins (the first 10 being fast paced) Then I do high impact cardio for 10 mins. Then walk for 30 more mins.

I also am really glad for the whole keeping track of my calories thing. I think this will help alot. Though it might be a bit a bit of work to start with. I think after a while it will become easier.

Β I guess I am gonna have tacos tomorrow for dinner. eek I have to try very hard not to pig out. I am gonna eat only 2 and then remember that I can also have leftovers the next day. No need to shove everything in my face right then and there!

So tired

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I am about to get to sleep. All day I have just been feeling so so tired πŸ™ Should have taken a nap I think lol. But overall it was a godo day. I worked out as usual. I ate pretty well. I had 2 granola bars though tonight after dinner. I just had the munchies bad. I definitly think I need to count my calories and also just plan my meals better.

I also tried special K frozen waffles tonight for dinner. The red berry ones. OMG so so yummy. Very sweet, I think I could eat them plain even! lol

Week 2 starts…..

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Today was a fairly good day. I thought alot about meal ideas and I also think I wanna start counting my calories. Atleast to give myself an idea about how much I am eating.

I ate a yogurt for breakfast, a peanut butter & jelly sandwhich on whole wheat bread + animal crackers for lunch. I ate more animal crackers for a snack. For dinner I ate my left over pasta & half of the package of veggies I bought. Then a granola bar for dinner.

I felt quite a bit hungry today. More so then the last few days.

One Week Down!

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Yay it has been an entire week! I am almost shocked lol.Β I am flaky as all hell. I have a huge flaw with being distracted early on or giving up on things. It always happens. BUT NOT THIS TIME BABY!! woohoo!!

Today I (again) over slept. Woke up in a huge rush to get to work. sigh. So I didn’t eat breakfast. But at work I drank a 1% lowfat chocolate milk and then had a tiny bit of animal crackers. For lunch I had a turkey sandwhich again. For dinner I had some whole wheat pasta with organic veggie sauce yummy! I think I ate more then I should have. I was on the computer busy and DH made it for me (so sweet). Being distracted idk how much I ate really. But I didn’t finish it and put enough in the fridge to have tomorrow for dinner maybe!

I worked out well. I still think I need to develop a bit of a better plan there. I kindof feel like idk what I am doing. I walked for an hour and then tried doing some intense heart pounding stuff…which I did for like 6 mins πŸ™ It was really intense though so I gotta try to add that in.

I felt amazing after. Sore and tired but energized and just good all over. Yay me!

Β One week down…lots more to go lol

Day 6

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I am exhausted. I need to start getting more sleep. I so didn’t wanna get out of bed this morning for work. But I did get up earlier then normal though. Ate a yummy peach yogurt for breakfast. After work I went to my inlaws house so I didn’t get to eat lunch until late. I was starving by then and ate a turkey (+mustard, lettuce & whole wheat bread) sandwhich & a granola bar. Then I had another granola bar for a snack and dinner pretty late I had a lean cuisine flatbread chicken pesto.

I also tried the crystal light. Very yummy. Will help alot with drinking more water.

Tomorrow I have lots of stuff I wanna get done. Besides working out/walking. I wanna work on getting my house cleaned for sure. It is such a mess lol.

Day 5

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A rocky day but good over all πŸ™‚ Still sticking to it. Yay!

I had a fruit/jello cup for breakfast. Then went to work was running alittle late. When I got off work we went straight to the store. I bought a scale! I also bought yogurt, peanut butter & jelly, whole wheat bread, 1 lean cusine, some whole weat pasta, etc… I did really good and bought some good stuff. I also got some crystal light gonna see how it tastes and drink lots more water.

For lunch we got subway. I got turkey, lettuce, tomato, green peppers, & onions on wheat. I ate half and then about 3 hours late ate the other half. Then much later had a granola bar for a snack.

Anyways I found out how much I weigh…. 206lbs! WoW. Well I am setting my goal for 165lbs for now. 40 lbs to go…

keep looking »