I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Running? okay. Weight loss? Plateau. Chocolate cravings? You betcha!

I haven’t taken the dog for another run because every run is rainy these days and I’m regularly surprised about making it through a normal day without breaking my own neck: add running, rain, and dog to the mix and I figure I’d just be tempting fate.

So…happy about the runs. Angry as hell about the plateau (better be TOM). Craving all things carb, but especially chocolate.

Maybe it’s stress? Have I heard this somewhere before? I’m majorly stressing the last two weeks and have more planned for the next two until I can get some work out the door…maybe long days in the office, long nights working at home, more/less constant indigestion, and stress are all making me hold on to the weight?

Or what I’m doing’s not working. Yeah, it’s probably that last thing.

Hope your week went better and your weekend is fun, but temptation free.

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By bigprof
On September 29, 2011
At 8:36 pm
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