I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


A Run!

Inspired by the weather and a sense of bravery I can’t account for, I did a run this morning, a 5K in 45 mins.

Not fast for a normal runner, but for me this was FAST!

So the plan is a long run on weekends with shorter runs during the week: Monday=1mile, Wednesday=2mile, Friday=1mile, Saturday=5K.

Outside rather than on the stupid treadmill. Monday I’m going to try my Zem Ninja barefoot running shoes

We’ll see if this works for me!

Back on Atkins induction for two weeks as well: I gained two pounds last week & I’m livid about it!

Happy weekend ya’ll!

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By bigprof
On September 17, 2011
At 2:40 pm
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