I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Slow and Steady, apparently…

And apparently I can live with that.

I’m finally seeing new movement on the weight tracker to the right, which means I’ve caught up to and slightly surpassed where I was in the summer. Phew!

Now with full-on atkins living, I’m losing about 1.2 pds one week and 2 the following. So…3.2 every two weeks or 6.4 every month. It’s a lot slower than I’d like, but it’s fast enough that I can see and feel the progress.

Next week will be a milestone for me: 20 pounds lost from my record heaviest (last fall). 20 pounds in a year…also not a huge loss, but gosh I’m glad to report a 20 pound loss this year rather than a 20 pound gain!

So, slow and steady old chums! I might not get there tomorrow, but I’m on the right path now at least!

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By bigprof
On September 6, 2011
At 8:44 pm
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travelgal Says:

Hi there! longtime no talk! I dont know if you remember me, but i recently REALLY fell off the wagon (new job/city/life/eating out with friends etc), excuses aside, im back on the blog and weight loss train (hopefully!) and am glad to see you’re still here! congrats on your progress!!

I hope you’re well!

tjnorth Says:

I am hoping to be able to bring out the hidden wardrobe by Xmas, there are things in there that still have price tags on them.


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