I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Heels and toes, heels and toes!

I’ve been doing a bit more reading about barefoot running, and if the advocates are to be believed (and I’m coming around to this), the problem with running shoes (among other things) is they force you to land on your heel and rock your foot forward. This landing on the heel is what causes the shin and knee injuries that plague modern runners. Running barefoot you land on the fatty side or balls of the feet, rock the heel down a bit for balance, and use the toes to balance and propel, repeat.

So I’m trying to retrain my stride so I don’t land, POW, on my heels anymore.

As for the toes…my big toe always bores a hole in the top of my runners because it’s trying to do what it does naturally to propel me forward. The shoe limits its natural movement.

I’ve got a bruise or two on the balls of my feet now, but otherwise, it’s pretty neat to run without 1.5 pounds of padding attached to my feet. I think that come summer, it will feel like I’m just a crazy kid running around the yard for fun. That’s the thing I’ve never gotten out of running…the fun addictive thing. Maybe this will help.

Anyway, C25K Week 2, Day 2 today: five 90-second runs at 3.8, one 90-second run at 4.0, done with the official run, but I felt like doing more, so 2 more 90-second runs at 3.8 and a 4.5-minute run at 4.0. Finished in record (my own pathetic record) time: 2 miles in 34.30 mins. Another .10 mile walking and it’s time to start this day!

Yesterday we were visiting out-of-town friends (a sleep over Sat-Sun), so no exercise, but I did manage to get in a standing pilates workout on Saturday. My sense is that standing pilates is a heck of a lot easier than the usual kind, so now I’ve got to find a DVD of the usual kind.

Happy Monday Chicks!

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