I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


I’m getting very sleepy…

Actually, not so much at the moment.

I did the 14-minute weight-loss hypnosis app last night before bed and woke up this morning thinking that this might help.

My mother always forbade us (still does, in fact) from uttering the words “I think I’m getting sick,” because she believes that what the mouth says, the brain believes. With hypnosis, I think my brain is hearing what it needs to believe about weight loss.

So this morning I bought another hypnosis app. This one you can control more features, including the length of induction. I chose a long induction and as soon as hubby left for church, I was traveling down a flight of stairs very, very slowly.

I’m not entirely sure what the nice man said after I got to the bottom of the stairs where I entered the room with the lovely warm fireplace and went through the door out to the beautiful lake with the single tree, but I have vague memories of some encouraging words, some visualization, and then, 40 minutes later I became fully conscious, rested, clear-headed.

I guess I’m grasping at straws here because I really think this is going to help with my appetite control, portion control, and exercise motivation. I guess we’ll see about that.

Case in point: we got another 3-4 inches of snow yesterday and immediately after the hypnosis session ended, I just popped on my coat and shoveled our excruciatingly long driveway. As I was finishing up, I was praying I’d get done before our neighbor came out of his house. He’s had a bunch of heart attacks over the last couple of years, so all last year hubby and I shoveled out his and our driveways with every storm. This year the guy across the street has been pitching in with his snow-blower. But guy across the street hasn’t even done his own driveway yet, so I knew if my neighbor needed to get out of his driveway, I’d have to be the one to get him out.

So I’m about to pass out when I hear my neighbor’s door open and out he comes, slowly, with his little plastic snow shovel (we use a Yooper scoop). DAMN IT!

So, an hour and a half later and I’ve shoveled two excruciatingly long driveways. Clocked a mile on my pedometer, and normally I count only dedicated walks around the neighborhood or on the treadmill towards my daily 3 miles, but I’m counting this mile…oh boy am I ever.

And now here I am out of snow clothes and into workout gear. I’ve got a veggie corn dog in the oven and fresh tabloui ready to go, and as soon as lunch is over, I’m walking, yes indeed.

Exercise Update: walk/ran 2.55 on the treadmill and did another short after dinner walk with hubby for another .5, so with the 1 mile shovel/walk, that’s a whopping 4.05 miles.

Lunch: not dog corn dog and 1 cup tabouli
Snack: hand full of soybeans and 1 oz cheddar
Dinner: tried a Polish place in the neighborhood: 1/2 greasy potato pancake, 3 perogies (2 kraut, 1 cheese), 1/2 cup rice pudding with cool whip (gave the other 1/2 cup to hubby, minus the topping).

Night chicks!

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By bigprof
On February 6, 2011
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irisheyes213 Says:

Wowzas on the shoveling. I’m still sore from the little bits of shoveling I did during the blizzard last week. Hope the hypnosis helps. A woman on a message board I used to frequent was very adamant that it worked for her. She had a CD that she used daily for the first 6 months of her journey and then just once a week to stay on track. Last I heard she was maintaining a 60lb weightloss in just under a year. Every tool works if you use it and believe it will help so that is the first hurdle.

May this be a successful week for you!


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