I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.



I keep having these fabulous running dreams where I’m as fast as the wind running over all the places where I get stuck and lost normally in my dreams. It’s lovely.

For now, though, running is out of the question: everything leads to coughing fits these days. But things are looking up. I was up at my usual time this morning, moving around, and even made it to work for a meeting. So far, so good.

I’d love to run like the wind.

Okay, food from yesterday:

Lunch: 1 cup of that pei wei thai tofu from Friday

Lunch 2: another cup of that pei wei thai tofu from Friday 🙂

Dinner: asparagus, pulled pork on a bun, 3 tablespoons cole slaw on top of that

Snacks: 2 of hubby’s cookies, about 12 peach gummy rings (why, why, why?)

Food today:

Snack: one of hubby’s garlic knots from the pizza place at school (about the size of a newborn’s fist); two chocolate truffles

I’m counting on that being lunch, with dinner of red cabbage & perogies.

Good luck surviving Monday!

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By bigprof
On December 20, 2010
At 12:01 pm
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