I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


It’s coming back?! No. It. Better. Not!

Okay, maybe I’m over-reacting because I felt some hunger pangs this morning, but I really, really don’t want my appetite back! Would be nice to stop coughing long enough to work out, but at least I’m not feeding this cold!

Yesterday: another long, long day of interviews followed by a dinner meeting to discuss the job candidates.
Lunch: 1/2 Jimmy Johns veggie sandwich on whole wheat, 15 chips, diet pepsi

Dinner: pei wei tofu curry with whole grain rice (ate about 5 small bites) and a spring roll. This time I didn’t eat cause my stomach was in knots from the stress of the job hire.

Snack: small glass of white wine, sam adams beer, about 2 cups of popcorn with butter

Today: trying to clean our house in between cooking for a neighbor who is recovering from major heart surgery, unemployed, and all alone at home (with no car) for a month while his wife is visiting family in Bulgaria (don’t get me started on the wife).

Lunch: pei wei leftovers…about a cup this time, and at this rate, I’ll be eating it for the next week!

Dinner: 4.5 cheese raviolis with red sauce, slice of garlic bread, glass of red wine, 1 Keebler cookie (ick).

& I’m feeling grossly over-full.

One scare story: my mom and sister have the same cold. Mom & I are recovering okay, but yesterday my sister’s eyesight went & left her almost completely blind. Her doctor saw the problem immediately, “you’re seriously dehydrated,” he said. So…yeah, keep hydrated chicks & keep healthy!

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By bigprof
On December 18, 2010
At 7:12 pm
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brseay Says:

Geez, I never knew dehydration could lead to vision loss. Quick, where’s my water??


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