I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Blog will survive…

At first it was afraid

it was petrified

kept thinking it could never live without

me by its side.

Yeah, that’s the song I think I hear my blog singing from time to time…when I think of this blog, that is…you know, when I’m not eating crap & slobbing it up around the house.

So…here we go again ladies.

Last night hubby & I ate at a new place (for us). Now…I usually have veggies with every dinner & I’d rather make a salad than bake a potato or boil up something frozen, but this place reminded me that the rest of my diet is pure crap and very nearly entirely carb-based these days. Okay…there were carbs here too, but the linguini (cooked in a carrot juice, pesto, and, I suspect, curry sauce) was beefed up by the match-stick sized carrot pieces, barely cooked wax beans, and tofu. Okay…carbs in the carrot juice too. But it was fresh & crunchy & yummy, and it reminded me that I really love eating healthy food. We just haven’t found a lot of time to cook it this summer.

I am the very definition of someone who’s let themselves go. Boy oh boy can I let myself go when I set my mind to it.

So…tomorrow I’m off to the veggie stand to see what’s what. Tonight I did a 10 minute pilates workout…from Netflix…found a bunch on hulu I’m ready to try tomorrow. And I’ve downloaded a new C25K podcast collection, so back at that as soon as we head back south for the fall.

Let’s see where this gets us, shall we?

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By bigprof
On August 5, 2010
At 9:28 pm
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tiny2b Says:

Welcome back. Some day we will be grownups with self control and this yo-yo shit will all be a vague memory, RIGHT?

round Says:

Welcome back!

While you were away, I moved blogs – very exciting!

New location is : http://LowStressWeightLoss.com

In addition, I will be shutting down Round here on 3FC & want to stay in touch, but you have your blog set so only 3FC bloggers can comment. If you change it, I’ll still be able to comment.

I explain how to make the change here (it’s pretty easy) :

Glad to see you back!


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