I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Oh Wow! 2 Year Anniversary!

Just for kicks I checked my first blog entry here, knowing the 2 year mark was close & it’s today, March 7.

I’ve been blogging here with ya’ll for 2 years.

Okay, I don’t have much by way of weight loss (and maintained) to show for it, but there are other things to be thankful for on this anniversary:

  • Community: It’s the weirdest thing, but I talk about ya’ll to my husband and my mom. I feel like I know you all, and I feel like I can count on you in ways that I can’t count on other people in my life (“real” friends, co-workers, some relatives).
  • Goals: two years ago my goal was to run a 5K & I did that. Did that with some of you! I’d like to get back to running, but for now I can say that I accomplished something I really wanted to accomplish, largely because of this community.
  • Commitment: has wavered over the last two years, but I’ve come back, started again, started over, renewed my commitment to losing and to living a healthier life.
  • Laughter: there are times when I leave 3FC with tears in my eyes from laughing…there are some amazing storytellers in this group.
  • Connection: okay, maybe this is “community” again, I don’t know, but it seems to me that the healthiest thing I’ve done in the last two years was connecting with a group of women who are struggling with many of the same things I’m struggling with. Those connections have taught me so much about the way my mind works and have given me so many alternatives to choose from when it seemed like I could make only bad choices.
  • Inspiration: this one’s a no-brainer…just tonight I was inspired to run another 5k, hike the Appalachian Trail, join a roller-derby team, start P90X, re-join the Y, and eat a better breakfast. Okay, so I’m probably not going to do all of those things tomorrow, but I see what you’re doing & I’m inspired to move.

Okay, I think this list is worth revisiting this week. Bottom line: I’m really grateful to all of you for the support, encouragement, and damn good reading material you’ve provided over the last two wonderful years!

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On March 7, 2010
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moonfairy Says:

couldn’t have said it better myself. community. i was down in the dumps for about 3 months just recently and i wasn’t blogging very much. i quickly realized that i missed my online friends and i missed a lot of their lives. this is truly a site i will never forget.

moonfairy Says:

oh…almost forgot. P90X is OK. there are some days that i find harder than others. it can be difficult b/c some days require about 90 min of workout time. sometimes i just don’t have the oomph, especially when it’s 9 p.m. but that’s the only time i have really. the abs is a hard workout but well worth it. i need to buy heavier weights b/c sometimes i don’t feel challenged. DH said the same thing too.

waistingtime Says:

Wow – 2 years! I just joined 3FC and started blogging 10 weeks ago but feel the same connection and community that you do. I love it:) The most amazing women have entered my life and I am so thankful for them all.

delitaagain Says:

Wahoo – And I was just thinking tonight that I’ll be coming up on two years this summer. Well said on all of the above. And, agreed. Yah, girl, we’ll hike! Send me a PM and let’s figure out what we can do!


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