I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Not quite there yet…

not quite back in fat-burning mode with my revisit of Atkins.

So what’s that mean? Well, apparently it means that I’m sitting here craving jelly beans (of all things) & there’s no “but I’d knock myself out of fat-burning mode if I had any” deterrent to keep me from indulging. I’ve got that “should I just go out & get some” feeling that I used to get when I’d just quit smoking. Ugh. I hope I remember this feeling the next time I decide to take a little break from Atkins.

So…I gotta get myself into FB mode ASAP for so very many reasons.

The last two nights I’ve registered only a trace amount of fat burning on the strips, so I’m hoping for better news tonight.

Food today:

Lunch: celery with shrimp dip (atkins-friendly stuff), 5 olives, nuts
Dinner: roast beef, roasted cauliflower, 4 oz red wine
Snack: sugar-free jello

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By bigprof
On March 6, 2010
At 7:17 pm
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moonfairy Says:

whenever i have jelly beans i usually end up pigging out without even thinking about it. just bean after bean, after bean…


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