I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Greetings from Illinois!

I’m here for a week doing some research in a high school archive. Staying at a nice place with a mini-kitchen, which I hope will help me stay on track with food as there are about 100 different food temptations right outside the hotel.

Still, I’ve parked the car in a parking garage about half a mile away & all the places I need to work at are a good walk away, so I should be able to get some exercise this trip in spite of all the sitting around required for the research.

I’ve put the running on hold. My knees were shot with all the stairs, squatting, & box-lifting of mom’s move, so the break will do them good. I’ll be all about the walking this week…& light posting until I get back with hubby in the UP next week.

Happy week chicks!

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By bigprof
On July 6, 2009
At 1:59 pm
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Back again…

Hey, look who won the challenge. I was kinda hoping for 3rd place so I’d have something to shoot for this month, but the competition is fierce, so I’ll take it, happily.

I’ll post more tomorrow, but I’m back in the Detroit area, mom’s moved in, I’m exhausted, family is all okay now. I’m hoping for a loss this week, but we’ll see how things shake out tomorrow.

Can’t wait to catch up with everyone. THANK YOU ALL for your support & encouragement this past, very stressful, week.

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By bigprof
On July 2, 2009
At 4:01 pm
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