I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Fast redux…

Quick break to document last night’s atrocities before I get back to revising this essay that I’d love to see the last of soon…very soon.

Okay, so yesterday I wasn’t great during the day…breakfast out (hubby’s wish) of 2 eggs & toast. Snack was a lot of strawberries. Oh & hubby bought some chocolate covered pretzels (decided not to kill him for that since he was celebrating…but then) that I had 7 of. Ugh. Yeah, I can’t blame him for the decisions I made, but I’d sure like to. Still, those were some good pretzels!

Dinner was a 22 oz beer, caesar salad, gave roll to hubby, 1/2 serving of gratin potatoes, whole serving of veggies, 2 lamb loin chops with creamy cheese on top (very rich), & I split a chocolate souffle (although I let hubby finish my serving cause it was only so-so). Not terrible, not good either, not medium, maybe a mild bad. It wasn’t a whole-hog food-fest, but the calories were certainly high. & we’ll be going back there when my in-laws come to visit next week…need a plan.

Today is my revised semi-fast day. 600 calories & I really should do some walking tonight since I did next to none yesterday! So far:

Breakfast: hb egg (90), handful of blueberries (16), 8 small strawberries (18).

Lunch: late lunch will be small salad with lite dressing (96)

Subtotal =220 (remaining 380)

Dinner: will be mostly veggies [yellow squash (8 oz=53), green beans (10 beans=17), radishes (2 large = 2)] with about 3 oz of London Broil (155)


snack: (didn’t go too far over, but not exactly a smart snack) 4 oz sangria (71) & 20 pretzels (100)


Exercise: 1.5 hour walk with the crazy dog in the misty rain.

Speaking from the front end of this semi-fast, it’s not so bad & it’s not like I can’t eat tomorrow for pity’s sake!

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By bigprof
On July 17, 2009
At 12:31 pm
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brseay Says:

You made some very good choices in there: a whole serving of veggies, only 1/2 serving of potatoes, giving your souffle to your hubby b/c it wasn’t very good. Now that you have been there you can make a plan for when you return w/the in-laws.

Glad the fast isn’t too horrible 🙂

bigprof Says:

Thanks brseay!…I’m already planning for whatever fish they have along with boiled red potatoes or wild rice & a house salad with dressing on the side. I think that’ll save me a few calories & I’ll still be able to enjoy the meal.

oogiboogs Says:

What a great dinner for a splurge. It’s great you are planning ahead for a lower-calorie meal next time, but don’t be-grudge the splurge! Your 600 calorie day didn’t sound bad at all, pretty good actually. I love fresh veggies.


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