I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


I’m Ba-a-a-a-a-a-c-k!

With stories to tell of physical hell.

I’ve been struggling with joint pain & exhaustion the last few months. I had juvenile rheumatoid arthritis as a child, so whenever I get all-over joint pain, I assume I’m out of remission or just that I damaged my joints so badly as a child that they’ll always ache with the changing seasons.

But then I’ve also been gaining…fast…as usual. & thinking back to last year when, no matter how much I tried, I couldn’t really break that 1 mile run without having to stop & walk & no matter what I did, it seemed like I couldn’t lose.

& then I started researching hypothyroid condition. & it turns out that between the stress, the autoimmune disease history (the JRA), and a mother with hypothyroid, I’m a good candidate for this condition.

The tests aren’t back yet, but I’ve got the symptoms even if my doctor is skeptical…

Sidebar, most doctors are skeptical even though this is really common…my mom had every hair on her head fall out before she was diagnosed, and actually, her own doctor told her it was “old age” and that she should just treat herself to a couple of really expensive wigs (bastard!). Thank heaven she realized he was a quack & went to another doctor who took one look at mom’s shiney bald head and said, “we’ll do some tests, but it’s obvious you have a thyroid condition.”

Anywho, achy joints & muscles, weakness, fatigue, depression, weight gain, difficulty losing weight, concentration & memory problems, & even ringing in my ears (only twice, but it makes you stop & wonder what’s happening). This sounds like a hypothyroid problem to me. But even if the tests say it isn’t, I’m going on a hypothyroid diet to boost my metabolism & see if I can’t feel better for a change. & if it isn’t hypothyroid, I need to find out what is going on.

Gonna be tough…all the foods I eat religiously & daily are on the no-nos list. Here’s the list of bad foods that I’ve managed to piece together so far: cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, spinach, soy, peanuts, strawberries, millet (don’t eat, so won’t miss this one), corn, turnips, rabi, mustard greens, sweet potatoes, lima beans, and brussel sprouts. Looks like I need iodine & to limit foods that inhibit iodine….but this is my diet in a (pea)nutshell. I mean, I LOVE all of these foods! Some sources claim that cooking them can reduce the negative effects, but others say it’s just best to avoid these foods altogether.

I’m not 100% happy with the “good foods” list I’ve got so far: seaweed, yogurt, milk, seafood, bananas, carrots, yellow squash, eggs, garlic, kelp, onions, peas, radishes. At the moment I assume lettuce, zucchini, tomatoes, and peppers are okay, but I need to do more research.

So that’s diet. Also drinking green tea should help, avoiding chlorine & flouride, and switching to sea salt rather than table salt.

Exercise: back at it. My knees are a mess right now, so I’m going to stick with walking. Although…sidebar: visited a friend last night who took up running last month…poor thing could barely do 3 miles on her first run, but she’s up to 6 just 30 days later…ARGH!…My biggest hope is that this new diet will lead to me feeling better & stronger & having more stamina, so I can run again.

Sauna: we’re at the UP house for the summer & it has a sauna, which apparently helps with metabolism, so I’m going to do 30 minutes of sweating every other day…that might also help with the stress thing, which can lead to this condition.

Wow…gone for months & my first post back is a monster! I’m feeling more in control, though. & this blog will become a record of what’s happening with my body. Damn, I know it’ll suck if this is the problem I’m having, but if it isn’t my thyroid then I’m both sick & losing my mind. Fingers crossed the tests pan out. I’m off to stock up on iodine, solenium, zinc, and vitamins D, A, & B.

Cheers chicks!

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