I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Been puttin’ it off…

Like ya do. Like everyone do.

So I waited & waited for my doctor’s “girls” (that’s what the receptionist called them) to call me back to talk about my thyroid test results. No luck. I’m really starting to hate my doctor now.

So I figured I’d follow the thyroid diet, take my supplements, and make an appointment for late June when I’ll have to head back home to fly out to see my mom anyway. But the last few days my joints have been crazy, painful, stiff. Argh. Okay, I can deal. Whatever. What I can’t deal with is waking up this morning to see my eyes almost shut from swelling. Funny. When I first started thinking I might have a hypothyroid condition, I checked out my eyes to see if I could see any puffiness at all. Looked closely. Trying to detect any slight changes. Turns out, when it happens, you don’t really have to look very closely at all to see the swelling. It’s what you call as plain as the lids swollen almost shut on your face. πŸ™‚

So…given that one of my mom’s symptoms was losing every blessed hair on her head, I figured I’d stop playing around, stop puttin’ off, and book an appointment before I woke to an even bigger shock. They got me in at nine on Monday, which means I’ll leave here Sunday morning to drive down, spend the day there Monday, and drive back on Tuesday. Not fun & I really hate losing those 3 days writing, but I’d also hate losing all my hair, so there you go…or there I go. Ugh.

Anyway, the perfect pedometer week is on temporary back order. I got my food star yesterday & walked an hour on the beach with hubby & dog, but I’m not pushing much beyond that until I get back next week. It’s tough to get those 10,000 steps in even without adding two full days of driving in there.

Oh, I’m all excuses & aches & pains. Boring, I know. But with luck by this time next week I’ll be getting back to my old self again & getting out there again.

Until then…here’s today’s plan:

Breakfast: small bowl of cheerios

Lunch: will be salad with egg (added: & 1/4 cup bean salad)

Dinner: green curry (with lite coconut milk) veggie dish over whole wheat rotinis rather than the more traditional white rice or rice noodles. I love a good curry, so any way to serve it without the added rice calories isΒ  awesome! (worked out okay. I’ve been buying a whole wheat blend pasta that hubby actually likes, a sort of transition pasta on our way to all whole wheat)

Snack: good slice of cheese (about 2 oz?) & a glass of red wine.

Exercise: Did a 1/2 hour walk to the grocery store in the morning. Now thinking another 1/2 hour at least on the portage. Update: did 1 hour & 15 mins on the portage. I could’ve gone longer, but worried the dog was over-heating. Going to overheat myself in the sauna in a few…see if I can’t get my heart rate up a bit.

Water: been good about those 4 pints a day, so no changing that!

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On May 29, 2009
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moonfairy Says:

Wow! I have very similar medical problems that you’re experiencing.

1. Can’t get a hold of my doctor for the life of me which resulted in a four month wait just for the stupid secretary to book an appointment with a specialist. When I call the phone either rings so much that it just stops ringing, goes straight into voice mail and can’t leave a message b/c the voice mail’s full, busy signal, office closed. SOB! I’m sick of this shit already!
2. Hives on and off since November.
3. Chest pains.
4. Blood tests, ECG’s, EKG’s.
5. Emergency room visits.
6. Migraines for 4 days straight when tried to wean off daily med. Had to go back on.

The list is endless! I’m so tired of being sick.

inkheartmeg Says:

Here’s hoping both of you feel better ASAP. These days doctors seem overworked, undereducated, or atleast not up to date in the newest break throughs, and downright could care less about going any extra steps than they have to.

bigprof- I hope your weekend trip can be something to be enjoyed at least in some parts. Sometimes a roadtrip is nice, even if you do it alone. I’ve been wanting to get away since right before Mothers’ Day. My DH has said that I can make plans just make sure it fits and doesn’t cost much. I’m thinking a road trip to the ocean. Mailbu beach might be nice. But watch me do something stupid and take a kid with. NO! NO….inkheartmeg, do not do it. Go by yourself!

You’re doing very well by sticking to your food plan. It’s time like these that are trying in every way. Hang in there, I hope you get what you need to take care of yourself. πŸ™‚

Sunny Says:

Hope you feel better soon and get the medical answers/treatment that you need on Monday. :: hugs ::

tiny2b Says:

Wishing for the best, but if you wake up with no hair, I think you’d look really hot in a neon pink wig, kind of like crazy Britney? Or maybe a red beehive a’la vintage B52s.


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