I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


I’ll leave a pound…in San Francisco.

That’s the goal anyway. We leave at 12:40, and I’ve been pretty good all week. Okay, it helped that hubby & I were sick for most of the conference, so no overindulging, just a beer here or there. And we’re looking back at our receipts & trying to figure out what the heck we ate or when we ate or if we ate. We had Thai the first night, a breakfast meeting the next day, Dim Sum for lunch one day, appetizers (maybe 1/2 a small plate full) at the big publisher’s party, breakfast and dinner yesterday. Otherwise, I remember a bagel one day, some clementines, not much else.

Helps that this particular cold leaves me with little appetite, so even breakfast yesterday, I gave hubby one of my eggs & muffin & left most of my hash browns on the plate. Of course, he hasn’t been eating either.

We’re staying with friends now. Had a lovely night out last night: Tapas followed by something called “Writers and Drinkers,” which reminded me of Feathers. It was held at a big bar in the mission, the writers (one comic) took the stage & read short stories, poems, chapters from their books. Very fun.

The friends are hubby’s, his best man and the best man’s girl friend. They’re hip and cool & live in this awesome loft apartment in the city & I feel like a real yokel when I’m with them usually, Not that they do anything to make me feel that way, but I’ve always been a big geek & living in the Midwest has helped that none. 🙂 Anyway, she’s tall and cool and thin, but for the first time, even though I’m huge right now, I felt okay about my body around these two thin hipsters. & they’re nice people, really nice people.

& they’re up now…crazy California time zone!

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By bigprof
On March 15, 2009
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eryn76 Says:

Hope you have(had?) a great trip!!

feathers Says:

Aw, I feel all warm ‘n’ fuzzy that you thought of me at the writers’ night. Getting up in front of the mic and reading is one of my favourite things to do. I hope you left that pound in San Fransisco and a friend with it. They always travel in packs when they’re loading on, so why not when they’re loading off?

I guess loss of appetite is the silver lining to when you’re feeling sick, but why can’t we just lose weight from sheer love of life?


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