I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Hey Ya’ll, Hey Ya’ll, Hey Ya’ll

Poking around on folks pages filled with wicked fires & crazy challenges & money saving schemes & mad crushes on hot guitar players & sisterhood awards …remembering how nice it is to be in touch with ya’ll. It has been a really good year, even if I’ve stumbled…headfirst into a vat of chocolate…these past few months.

Feathers, I didn’t post much at the time, but I really enjoyed reading about your workshop. Stay safe now!

Tiny, love the challenge & if I weren’t sick & leaving for San Fran in the morning, I’d have jumped on it. I’m in next week, provided the punishment doesn’t involve nudity! I hope to get in 10 miles walking on the trip, but none of it will be intentional all dudded out in workout clothes walking. Still, many thanks for getting us all back on track (pun intended).

Eryn, thanks for the award. I’m really touched.

Getupnow…love the cartoon & the $100 challenge.

Just back from Lane Bryant. Would like not to shop there, but their jeans (with the new sizing system) fit me nicely, so I figured I’d get a second pair for the casual nights on the trip. Hell, I gotta have something to wear while I lose. AND I WILL LOSE!

& I managed my own challenge on Saturday. Just had coffee, three clementines, and my small portion of quiche. No bagels or pizza & I was in that stupid room from 9-3 with all that food just sitting there! Have eaten the crap out of some clementines though…just finished my fourth of the day now. Love them! I have some packed for the plane so I don’t get tempted by candy or other crap at the airport. 23 calories each…damn that’s good eating.

Okay, Jillian (biggest loser) is screaming at her team now…I just tuned in, what happened here? They had sliders and booze and cigs? Wow, this season is getting better.

Oh, I lost this week…about 3.5 pounds. That was the easy & super recent gain from the two weeks before, so it’s no surprise it came off so fast, although you could’ve knocked me over with a feather when I saw how quickly it came on.

Getting back down to where I was before Thanksgiving & then I’ll map out my plans to get me into the summer & summer clothes at least one size smaller. I hope ya’ll got ideas for many, many challenges cause I need motivation & then some.

Okay, I gotta pack & get back to working on my paper or this is going to be a terrible conference experience.

Ya’ll take care & wish me luck saying no to sliders and booze and cigs in San Fran. Actually, only the booze sounds good these days anyway. With luck they’ll have some clementines.

Oooh, BL weigh in time!

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On March 10, 2009
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getupnow Says:

Oh! Oh! I have a challenge! Come down to NC for the candle light 5k. Eryn plans to go, and grabthebull I think. And me. I know it is like a forever drive for you. But if you are up for a road trip, then head on down south and we’ll see ya in June!

tiny2b Says:

I am going to let you slide JUST THIS ONE TIME on the challenge. But next week, NUDITY OR NOT, you are in. You feel me, yo? (Sorry, watching too much Prison Break.)

getupnow Says:

oops. I realized I typed NC when I meant SC.

loosingme Says:

Have you checked out fashion bug? affliated with LB, have the SAME jeans and sizing…but only 21.99 a pair! Wow!


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