I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Being prepared is half the battle…wish me luck on the other half!

Today I’m giving a podcasting workshop for teachers in our writing project, and then in the afternoon, our project’s leadership team meets. The problem, aside from it being Saturday? Food & lots of it. I’ve been instructed to bring bagels to the workshop, which runs 9-noon. Then we’ll have pizza at the meeting, pizza, just sitting there in front of me all afternoon. ARGH!

So I’ve been kinda sorta back on the wagon less than a week & there’s going to be pizza & bagels, two crusty temptations. I think I’m ready, though. I’ve packed my lite yogurt & granola to fight off breakfast temptations. Maybe I’ll get only sweet bagels & I won’t be tempted at all? Never happen cause I’ll just worry that someone won’t find the bagel they’re looking for, but it could work for 1/2 the bagels. Then for lunch I’ve packed a big salad & the last of the leftover quiche. Funny, yesterday the quiche was what I considered to be an unhealthy lunch item. But by comparison to pizza, it’ll work. & clementines, loads and loads of clementines. I haven’t even check the calories on the little darlings cause I keep thinking the vitamin C might just kill this stupid cold.

Last night I didn’t do so great. We had dinner at the dining room table, which was a move in the right direction: pasta with sausage sauce. Okay, not a good meal again, but hubby made the sauce with extra spicy sausage, so I kept my portion very, very small. Big salad (yum) to make up for all the veggies hubby elected not to put into the pasta, and olives. Then hubby made fudge. Did I mention that fudge has become hubby’s writing-the-dissertation alternative? I could kill him. Why couldn’t he take up running or working out? Then I’d have a workout partner every night instead of a brand new plate of fudge to deal with. I had about a 2 inch square. Probably thousands of calories & dozens of fat grams. So that was my evening snack. Crap!

Oh, hell, I gotta run!

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By bigprof
On March 7, 2009
At 6:22 am
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tiny2b Says:

First and foremost: good luck today!

Secondly, get your booty over to my blog and join the slump busters challenge. Sister, I am digging us all OUT OF OUR RUT! Woot!

feathers Says:

Hope you’re feeling better from the cold. I had to admit an evil giggle when you said hubby has taken to making fudge when he wants some procrastination time from his dissertation. Couldn’t you just KILL?! Could he offer his fudgy creations to a school fete or something instead? Raise a few $$$ for a good cause and get the temptation out of your house?

Good luck with the whole bagel and pizza issue. I think you should just buy the sweet bagels that you don’t like and to hell with them. Let them eat up all the pizza so you don’t have to.


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