I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Eating under control, but that’s all for now…

Didn’t write for a couple of days cause I’m battling a cold, not back to a routine yet &, like getupnow, I’m feeling really resistant to coming back the way I was last year at this time. UGH! This might even be my 1-year anniversary!

So I’m resistant, but I’m also thinking that I need to re-read those first blog posts so I can figure out what I was doing back then that worked & repeat.

But I have been walking & have put salads (2 a day) back into my diet. I’ve also been eating lite yogurt with granola for nite time snack. Eventually I need to cut the snack out totally, but for now this works. I know, I know, granola isn’t great fat & sugars-wise, but it gives me that crunch I long for, so it’s working for now unless you know of some substitute? I’m also trying for 1 piece of fruit a day (at least) and hubby & I are back to snacking raw veggies during the day (raddishes, carrots, celery).

I need to make us eat at the dining room table again so I’m not just mindlessly eating in front of the TV. That’s a change I think I’ll make tonight. & eating at the table means I can put out bowls of olives & crudite (without the dip) for between-bite snacking. Sounds weird, but I like the idea of getting all filled up on veggies & then pushing aside my main course.

But dinners haven’t been all that healthy, which means our lunches are leftovers of unhealthiness. Last night quiche & salad, so lunch today is a small piece of quiche & salad. The night before it was corn chowder & salad, so lunch yesterday was…Tonight hubby wants veggie lasagna, which will probably give us leftovers for days. I’ll make the sauce with mostly chicken stock & maybe some lite evaporated milk or skim milk, but the cheese isn’t lite (bought before I decided to step on the scale again). Still, I’m going to try to follow my pasta rule, which is more than 50% of each serving of pasta must be made up of veggies. I think this lasagna will have to be mostly frozen spinach.

So I’m thinking transition these days: okay, dinners & lunches aren’t great, but if I think portion control, big salads, fruit, and healthy snacks, that’s a start, right?

I also need to start thinking about running again & doing some other kind of exercise. Listen to me…I need to start thinking about doing all this. Geeze! Could my verb choices put more distance between me and exercise? I need to run again. Once this cold is licked, I’m back to the treadmill & back to those damn podcasts.

Okay, time to finish up the laundry & get to work!

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On March 6, 2009
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getupnow Says:

Sometimes it is just a mystery. I can look back over my old stuff and read about when my motivation was strong, but still have no clue how to make that happen again. It is like your brain and body just decide when they want to work together to accomplish great things. I think for me, spring time helps though.

eryn76 Says:

It’s good to have you back. I feel the same way… I think it’s just the winter blahs. I’ve eaten horrible junk food (hello chili cheese nachos at 10pm) but my portions have been smaller so maybe that is helping.


brseay Says:

Welcome back!!! Here’s a few ideas I have, take them or leave them.

For the crunch with your yogurt you could try chopping up some almonds and sprinkling them on top. My son makes “parfaits” with yogurt, fruit and the almonds and he loves them.

For evening eating I have done a few different things. Brushing my teeth to signal that I’m done for the night, shutting off the lights in the kitchen to signal that it’s closed, actually saying the words “kitchen’s closed” outloud to myself (I know, it’s weird but it works for me) and going to bed early if possible. I do snack every night on a sugar free pudding cup and I don’t know if I ever could cut it out. When I’m really jonesing for something sweet I’ll drink some A & W diet rootbeer.


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