I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Sorry for the delay…

Things are already nutty at the end of the semester with all the grading & with committees trying to get work done all at once, but my department is also searching for two new faculty & yours truly is the chair of both search committees…we’ve had more than 90 applications & will do 13 video interviews next week followed by campus interviews in January (each of these is a 2-day interview with non-stop meetings and eating, btw).

Just to give some context, the last time we did a search for 2 positions, I wasn’t the chair of the committee, but I still ended up in the doctor’s office with panic attacks & I gained about 10 pounds. It’ll be amazing to have two new colleagues, but the six-month nail-biting process that is the academic job search drives me to drink (she wrote sipping on a rum & diet pepsi).

On top of that, we’re moving offices to a new building. Every day my chair walks into my office to observe, “you’re not packed yet?” Tomorrow you will probably hear about me on the news, sad story of a junior prof who throws a lamp at her department chair’s head & goes to jail for it. Argh! Who has time to pack? I haven’t even started grading final portfolios or final projects!

So everything is happening in the same 2-3 weeks from hell. I’m sticking with bootcamp, eating at least one salad a day, watching my portions, but mostly just keeping my head down & powering through until “break” begins & I can start prepping my classes for next semester & try to get something out to a journal for review before these dern campus interviews start taking up all of my time.

So, long story now longer…I might be posting only intermittently for a bit because every time I’ve come here to write, I’ve ended up writing something very similar to the rant above…& it’s all very boring. But I’m not gone & I’m still going to read & respond to everyone else. I’ll just be a better reader than writer for a couple of weeks. 🙂

Happy Days Chicks!

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By bigprof
On December 11, 2008
At 6:09 pm
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tiny2b Says:

Rally the troops. March forth and conquer.

Carry on, soldier.

getupnow Says:

Hope your faculty search and move went/is going well! What a boat load of stress for right around the holidays. Ick!

tylerdurden Says:

What a tough period, I hope you’re hanging in there!

feathers Says:

Hey BigProf I hope everything went well for you with those harrowing search committees.

I hope your Christmas was safe and happy and that you had your friends and family all around you. Also hoping that the new year will bring you good health, happiness, and lbs that creep off and stay off.

eryn76 Says:

I hope you are getting everything done you need to do!

Happy New Year!

eryn76 Says:

COme back to us, bigprof!!!


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