I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Stuffing…nope, still not a vegetable!

It’s more of a state of mind.

Home was tough. Barely a green veggie to be found & every fruit was baked into a delicious, delicious pie & topped with ice cream. Argh.

My family treats potatoes, stuffing, pasta, etc like they’re vegetables & they treat real vegetables like they’re made of steel & must be boiled for hours and hours on end. It’s that good Irish heritage of mine.

Hubby & I were seriously jonesing for anything green all week, so for our first dinner home, I made a whole wheat pasta with summer sausage, fresh green beans, yellow squash, broccoli, carrots, onion, tomato, & frozen peas. & planned to pair it with a lovely salad. Everything fresh & crunchy & lovely. Unfortunately, I barely had time to woof down a 1/2 cup of it before bootcamp & now, post bootcamp, I’m not hungry & thinking of running with that feeling for a while. Still, I knew I missed eating healthy foods, but it was really nice to hear my husband echo those feelings. As a family, I think we’re doing okay nutrition-wise. Even if I’m not losing weight, I feel better & healthier.

Oh, YAY BOOT CAMP! It’s the same group in boot camp again. And we’re the only one of her classes that is the same people over & over again, so she’s decided to skip the food lectures & the measuring & testing & just dive right into beating the hell out of us. So instead of our usual lovely & easy-ish first night of situps, pushups, running, etc, we did our usual warm up, a tabata, and a tabata run that nearly killed me. The upside is that she’s decided we’re ready to ramp it up a bit, but the bad news is that she’s decided we’re ready to ramp it up a bit.

Oh, funny story. With the first 20 second run for the tabata (at 6.2 and an incline of 1), I didn’t hop off the treadmill the right way, so my left leg went flying back while my right hit home on the side of the tread. So…first time I’ve done the splits in about 30 years. Must’ve been a sight to see & I fear I may feel that one in the morning, but at least I didn’t go flying off the damn thing completely. Right? I mean, I kept my dignity and all. Right? 🙂

I’m looking forward to getting back to eating right. My food has been awful & not just cause of home. Even when I’ve been in control of the menu, I’ve skipped breakfasts. Hell, today I skipped breakfast & lunch. So it’s back to protein shakes for breakfast, plenty of salads, & stable meal patterns. Some of my students who were researching the mythical Freshman fifteen found out that one of the biggest contributors to weight loss among women is an increase in the consumption of fruits & veggies. So fruits & veggies are on the menu. I’m cleaning up my act…at least until my department party on Saturday when the rule of the day will be portion control.

Okay, time to clean & do laundry…we may never dig ourselves out of the mess. Tomorrow I’m looking forward to catching up with (and giving thanks for the time to catch up with) all of you!


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On December 1, 2008
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brseay Says:

What a great sign of progress that you’re craving fruits and vegetables. That, combined w/the next series of boot camp should whip you into shape in no time. I can just see you practicing your flexibility on the treadmill!!!

moonfairy Says:

ditto for the above comment!

tiny2b Says:

Welcome home! I am the same way when I visit “home.” I come back to my “real home” and want nothing but raw veggies for a week to cleanse the deep fried New Orleans deliciousness out of my system ; )

getupnow Says:

I saw my sister dump half and half in the gravy. Seriously? Isn’t gravy bad enough? Can’t we just make it with skim milk? PLEASE?!

You will never find a crisp green bean in my family (‘cept at my house, of course). They are always cooked half of the day with a big hunk of some sort of fat in them or a few spoons of that morning’s bacon grease.

You are my boot camp hero forever. Great job!!

eryn76 Says:

Your treadmill experience sounds like mine last week. My ipod fell onto the tread, I just about lost my balance trying not to get caught up in the headphone wires or trip over the ipod and then it went careening off the back and I almost went with it!! I’m sure the people on the machines behind me enjoyed the show!

Your dinner sounds like how ours is with the in-laws. Let’s kill the biggest peice of meat we can find and have starch with it… and maybe a can of peas (GROSS – canned peas) to go with it. Blech!!

soclose Says:

My mom was half Irish so I’m way too familiar with the cook to mush and char the meat way of life. Except for the tomatoes from my dad’s garden ALL veggies came from a can—-I’m not kidding never had broccoli till I left home and cauli. was swimming in melted cheese always.

Your gymnastic abilities are to be envied.


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