I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.



Okay, more on the title in a bit.

Last day of boot camp & according to the scale (which I read off myself), I lost 4 pounds. That doesn’t jibe with my home scale, but since my home scale gave me two readings with a 5-pound difference this morning, I’m thinking we may be experiencing battery issues. One of the women in my group didn’t lose a pound, so I think, THINK I trust the scale at the Y.

Anyway, the big losses seemed to be in inches all around. 1-3 inches in each area. NOW…this woman makes her living doing this, so maybe she made the inches slightly larger at the beginning so everyone would be guaranteed a loss. I don’t know. My clothes feel a little loser, & I’m feeling more compact (nice muscles forming on my calves & I think I’m developing shoulders!). But I need to take my own measurements before the next camp.

For me, the big tell was in the fitness test. I increased my number of squats, situps, & push ups (more than doubling the pushups and tripling the number of situps I can do in 1 minute). I doubled the anount of time I could hold the plant (from 1 to 2 minutes). My run time was exactly the same, which isn’t too bad considering all the stupid knee issues. But here’s the kicker. After the fitness test the first night, I came home & could barely walk the next day (no kidding). After last night’s fitness test, I’m ready to go, go, go.

So, yeah, it was worth the money & well worth the time & I can’t wait to start the next session in 2 weeks. I think I need to treat this Monday & Wednesday like boot camp days anyway, just so I don’t fall behind. & of the six of us in this session, 5 of us are signed up again, so I’m guessing everyone saw progress. I won’t have the final tally until today…she’s making copies of our first-night & last night forms. But I think I’m happy with this.

In other news…
I went for the follow-up visit to the doctor. Knee is great, which I knew since there’s been NO PAIN at all & I’m beginning to wonder how long I was actually living with this pain. But I wanted to ask him why I can’t seem to lose weight. So the whole lecture on food, which I don’t need, & calories…and small meals throughout the day…okay so I need to get back to that one. Then he told me to try a semi-fast day 1-2 times a week for a month or so. Not on exercise days, but on days when I’m not doing that much anyway, consume only 700-800 calories. I asked would my body hold on to fat then, and he argued that as long as I graze throughout the day, my body will not know the difference.

So I’m giving it a try. I started the day with my usual protein shake, putting me at 230 calories for the day already, but I’ll do 800 total today & Sunday & see what happens. I gotta see some movement on that damn scale. I think to be safe, I’ll weigh in only at the Y for the next month…& not leave anything to chance with my stupid, stupid bathroom scale.

Okay, that’s my update. I’m off to read yours now! Happy day chicks!

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On October 16, 2008
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getupnow Says:

That is awesome!! Don’t second guess too much about whether the weight and measurements are accurate. You obviously made some great progress! I am forever in awe and wish I could jump on this boot camp wagon. Haven’t heard of any around here though and I know I am not up for it yet anyway. Maybe some day.

If you don’t cut calories that low very many times a week, I doubt that it will mess with your metabolism. I have read about zig zagging calories as a way of keeping your body guessing and not slowing down weight loss.

brseay Says:

I’m so happy that you saw changes in your body and your fitness during the boot camp. I’ll have to check out some classes in our area and find a way to give one a try.

The fast idea sounds interesting, let us know how it works.

tiny2b Says:

Rock on, you hard body, you.

I like the semi-fast idea. Gonna have to mull that one over and see where I can incorporate it.

eryn76 Says:

Congrats on losing the inches!!

Huh… that is an interesting idea about the semi-fast. It makes sense in theory. There are weeks (like this one) where I don’t get to the gym everyday, but I keep my calorie intake the same. Perhaps dropping it would help. Keep us posted on how that works out for you.

travelgal Says:

sorry, im responding so randomly but im just catching up on blogs now. i too love the idea of a semi fast, and think that may be right up my alley to do, to get my butt moving and losing!



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