I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


We’ll see Wednesday…

I haven’t lost a pound, but I’m hoping I’ve lost inches. Hubby keeps saying things that make me think I’m shrinking, but how come no pounds at all? Clothes feel good, but no pounds lost! UGH! I hope another month of this insanity does the trick…loving this insanity, btw!

Still, I feel like I rock even if my abs don’t feel rock hard.

Oh & today was awesome…just what I needed after another crazy Monday. I know it’s cliche, but I’m really hating Mondays this semester. But the upside was bootcamp to look forward to & no matter how bad work gets, I HAVE to take that time off to go to bootcamp…no one & no thing can keep me away! No more, no way!

I’m rambling.

When I began that paragraph, I meant to say “Oh & today was awesome cause NO KNEE PAIN, NO PAIN OF ANY KIND!” Amazing what a difference that makes!

I’ve been doing sit ups & push ups & squats on off days, but I need to crank it up with the next month now that I know what to expect & I’m a little stronger. I bought a jump rope cause I love doing that, not so much with the bad knee, but I felt great doing it today. Yeah, time to crank it up! Okay, that’s all the catch up from me…more tomorrow when I read what ya’ll have been up to!

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On October 13, 2008
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getupnow Says:

Oh! I like the jump rope idea!! I am going to have to try that.

What you will probably see is that once the muscle gain gets established and slows down, you will start seeing pounds drop fast. So your reward on the scale is coming!

So these squats you guys talk about…I wasn’t sure exactly how to do squats. I looked it up on youtube to see how to do it and I tried and it KILLS my knees!!! My knees are just not the same these days. And I wonder if I did maybe wall supported squats if it would help them or just make the situation worse.

brseay Says:

How fantastic that the knee pain is gone. It makes working out so much easier! And I know it’s frustrating to not see a change in the scale, but the lost inches are more important (at least to me 🙂 ) Did you take starting measurements so you can compare?

eryn76 Says:

That’s great — no pain!! And I would rather see inches lost then weight loss myself. Unfortuneatly, I am seeing weight loss but still wearing the same clothes. I’ll wither down to 100 and still be wearing an 18 I fear.

Keep it up!!

tiny2b Says:

I am so glad your knee is better! Does your school have a counseling center? You really need to see someone about that jump rope thing. Seriously. There’s something wrong with a person who likes to jump rope. Just saying.

tiny2b Says:

OK, come on, it’s Thursday. What was the Wednesday verdict?


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