I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Phooey! Wait, is that how you spell “phooey”?

So it’s just a sprain, nothing huge that could explain my sucky runs, my suckiness. But I did notice that I lost range of motion last month on the leg lift machine (they’re computerized, so if I don’t hit my ideal range, it doesn’t count & I haven’t been able to hit it once in a long, long time). So maybe this has been coming on for a long time & boot camp just aggravated it?

Anywho, I love my doctor. First of all, I love saying “my doctor.” He’s only the second one I’ve had in 42 years: the first was my pediatrician. After Dr. Miller, my pediatrician, I had no insurance, so no doctors for me (or some 46 million other Americans). It’s so nice to go to my own doctor who knows my name & my medical history (not that it’s easy to piece together those scattered records) rather than to whichever nurse practitioner happens to be tending the free clinic or whichever doctor’s working one of those pay-as-you-go mediquick places or whichever intern’s on call in the emergency room. I have a doctor now. Wow!

So he’s calling my knee thing a sprain & has recommended exactly what I’ve been doing, ibuprophin, ice, & compression. Only he wants me taking 6 ibuprophin daily for 2 weeks to make sure the swelling is really gone. & I go back in two weeks…imagine that, a follow-up visit! He thinks I should sit out of the 5k on Sunday, but we negotiated & if I’m feeling up to it, I’m going to do it…slowly. He also spent like 5 minutes showing me (we did it together!) how to do a proper squat that won’t kill my knees. Not my trainer’s style of a full-on squat into a low sit & as many of these as you can do in 1 minute, but I’ll do a happy medium between what he says & what she wants.

So reason #2 why I love my doctor: he’s not big on putting you on meds. More of a holistic practitioner who talks about diet & exercise & vitamins. Maybe they’re all like this now? But no one I’ve ever seen before has ever taken more than 2 minutes to look me over, so it’s wonderfully weird to go to a doctor who explains causes & symptoms & cures & gives you options for dealing with this stuff & spends 5 minutes just showing you how to do a proper squat. I’m kinda embarassed talking about this cause I have friends who don’t have insurance & can’t afford to buy their own & it seems unfair that I do finally have it. & I know we’re not supposed to get political at 3FC, but I really think this is a health issue & a fairness issue, not a political issue: this doctor thing should be a right for all of us, not a privilege for a select few.

Okay, that’s my diatribe for the day & I see now that I’ve made myself late for open lab hours, which means that I’ll have a dozen students waiting for me…no one ever wants to see me when I get to the office on time. 🙂

Happy day chicks!

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On October 3, 2008
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eryn76 Says:

I totally agree with you on the doctor thing. Doctors from America go to other countries to give health care to those who don’t have or can’t afford it but they don’t do the same here. We have people in this country who cannot afford health insurance or to even go to the doctor. Hospitals won’t admit them because billing knows they won’t be able to pay, doctor’s won’t see them even for life threatening illnesses. But yet, they’ll go to another country and do it. It really is ridiculous, and one of the reasons a socialist economy is sort of appealing. Health care for everyone.

Okay, jumping down from your box. Thanks for making room 🙂

Glad to hear you found out what was ailing your knee and you recieved some practical information.

getupnow Says:

Sounds like your doctor is a keeper. I don’t think that most will bother with discussing any options at length. My doctor did tell me to diet and exercise and she handed me a copy of the DASH diet. So I guess she did ok then. But later when I did do the diet and exercise thing, she was very discouraging about going off of the meds because suddenly, out of the blue, she felt that it may not be enough. 🙄

Have a great weekend!

feathers Says:

Just have to agree with you on the whole “medicine for everyone” subject. It utterly scares me to think that in #1 of all the “first world” countries there are people who presumably have good jobs and nice homes, but can’t afford to go and see a doctor. Surely this is a basic human right.

I love the doctor I have. She’s my age, and reminds me a lot of your doctor in that she insists on follow up appointments, will talk to me before reaching for a prescription pad, and often prescribes alternative style medicines.


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