I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Oh the knee, the knee…

I’ve been hobbling around on a busted knee since Tuesday morning: much swelling, much pain, no range of motion, and it keeps giving out on me.

So I go to boot camp yesterday (which rocked, btw, I LOVE bootcamp!) & my trainer fixes me up with some kind of elastic thing under my knee to keep it from giving out & she tells me to take it easy. Now back in high school, I’d use any damn excuse to get out of gym class, but there was no way I was going to miss boot camp or take it very easy. The elastic really helped & while she made it clear she’s not a doctor, my trainer said I probably have water on the knee.

So I looked it up online & one of the cures is antibiotics. Now I’m thinking: was I on antibiotics back in the summer, the last time (and first time, I think) I was actually able to run 2 miles in a row? I think the antibiotics & good run occurred around the same time. So now I’m hoping that the reason I’m such a lame runner is cause my knees suck. I mean, they always ache and hurt, especially after outside runs, but it never occurred to me that they might be holding me back as well. Man, I really hope that’s the case! Weird. I’m sitting here hoping I have knee problems. But I’ll take those problems since they can be fixed, and then there’s a chance I could be a decent runner yet.

So I have an appointment with the doctor this afternoon after I drop hubby off at the airport. That’s weird too since I usually prefer to let things run their course rather than visit the doctor (one of the many horrible symptoms of not having any health insurance at all from age 21-40). But this is serious, apparently: this could affect my boot camp performance. Is it possible to be a new type of person after only 4 sessions in boot camp? Last night when I just burst out with “I love boot camp so much!” My husband literally took a step backwards & said, “I never expected to hear you say that!” That makes two of us!

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On October 2, 2008
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eryn76 Says:

Lovely lovely knee problems. That is part of my problem too. I destroyed my knees in high school playing sports. Maybe not destroyed, but definitely did some damage to them. Mostly from getting injuries and not having them treated properly and overdoing them when they should have been recovering.

I’m so glad you love boot camp!! What an amazing turn around.

getupnow Says:

Something like that could make a huge difference. I think that when I went off of my beta blocker, I took a huge stride in my running and how I felt about my running. You just never know what is holding you back and what you are capable of once you get it taken care of.

Good for you on the bootcamp! I am feeling like the uncool kid around here these days since I am not in the bootcamp club! 😉

tiny2b Says:

Sucks about your knee, but hoorah for the new attitude. I am the same way with aches/pain. I used to NEVER go to the doctor. Now I call in first thing when I get a twinge because, hell yeah, I am going to use the insurance I pay such a ridiculous amount for.

Also, I would MUCH RATHER be diagnosed with a “problem” than to just be falling apart from the aging process. Problems I can fix. Getting old? Haven’t figured out how to fix that one just yet.


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