I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Happy Friday!

No major plans for exercise today. I may try to hit the Y tonight, but for now it’s a mad dash to get everything done for the start of school. My inlaws (including BIL and grandmother-in-law) are coming to visit on Sunday & Monday…not a long visit at all (and I really like these people), but one that will require house cleaning & that will put me two days behind in my course prep & writing. Still, they haven’t seen the new house & they’re low-maintenance guests & it’s been a while since we saw them last, so it’ll be a lovely visit. I just have to put my head down & muscle through the next two days.

Okay, food:

Breakfast: (no milk in the house, so) 2 slices whole wheat toast with homemade jam





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By bigprof
On August 29, 2008
At 10:03 am
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eryn76 Says:

Ah, don’t you love the in-laws? Yeah, my MIL is coming in unexpectedly this weekend to look at houses (for her, not us). Nice. That means a lot of eating out. Grr…..

Have a great weekend!

gottaloose4 Says:

I’m glad these in-laws are painless. 🙂 it’s hard to find those sometimes…hope you have a great LONG weekend with em, and that you’re able to keep up with your goals. best of luck!



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