I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


But what if I don’t want to go back

to school next week? huh? Forget the academic calendar, what about my needs?

Yeah, so yesterday was a long day of getting my course materials readied & online for my classes that start next Wednesday. The first day of school, I’m always a nervous wreck. I never know what kind of first impression I’m making, so I have to trust that the kids are more nervous sitting in their first college writing class than I am standing in front of them. With luck, they don’t even notice what a total geek I am…although they notice that eventually. How could they not?

Okay so tiny2b had a great idea for how I can get my speed up to what I think is my most comfortable stride. She suggested I try the c25k program again at that speed. So I think that would be 4.6 as a “walk” for 60 seconds, followed by 5.4 as a “run” for 60 seconds, and so on. I might give that a try this morning. I was thinking last night that if I can do 2 miles at a decent clip, even if I have to walk one mile, I’ll still have an okay time for my 5k on the 13th.

I’ve also been looking into boot camps, but the one that’s closest to home is pretty dear & I haven’t done a class in years, so I don’t know if I’ll even like exercising with strangers. Also, it meets at awkward (for my schedule) times. How’s that for a slew of excuses? So I’ve decided to buy a punch card for the express workouts at the Y instead…these are 30 minute pilates, bookcamp, and etc workouts scheduled in the middle of the day, usually around lunch time. I’ll see if I like attending classes & then sign up for the next boot camp if I’m sold on it.

Okay, I really need to get to the Y.


Breakfast: instant breakfast shake with protein (so there, I shook up breakfast a little)

Lunch:whole wheat PB & homemade J

Dinner:hard taco & tabouli with squashes & tomato

Snack: peach, chocolate pudding.

Exercise: Was lame…my stomach ache from last night returned. So I managed to do about 25 minutes of upper body work before I decided to call it a day. Not a day, really. A morning. I’ll have to make up the lost treadmill work tonight.

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