I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


It’s a no-title kinda morning around these parts…

I need to get going to the gym. Today will be upper body & a run of some length or other (how’s that for noncommittal?). I’m going to try to keep eating on the natural side of things today, which to my mind means no dreaded cheeze its!


Breakfast: kashi & blueberries (I should just post about breakfast if it’s ever something different from kashi & blueberries, huh?)

Lunch: chef salad (so egg, ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato, low fat dressing)

Dinner: chicken sausage on whole wheat bun and pasta salad.

Snack: gee, let’s do try to keep it natural & vitamin-packed for a change…those peaches in the fridge aren’t going to eat themselves! A peach, a 100-calorie bag of popcorn, and a chocolate pudding (fat/sugar free stuff).


  • 30 minutes with weights (upper body only).
  • 2.1 mile walk/run.

1 mile run in 13 mins, then walks at 3.6 on an incline of 1.0 (first incline ever…so something new) for a total of .75 miles. Did .25 mile run in there with some of that run at 5.0 & 5.4 (I love my strides at 5.4 & it feels natural, but I can’t keep it going for long), and .1 at the end of the 2 miles at 5.2. An okay run. Started out wanting to stop at .25, then at .5, then at .75, but once I hit .75, it seemed silly not to finish the single mile. I feel like I’ve gone back in time here…rather than getting more endurance, I’m ending up with less. UGH!

  • 2.5 mile walk with hubby and dog in the evening: overall, a good exercise day.

Have a great night ya’ll!

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By bigprof
On August 26, 2008
At 9:13 am
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eryn76 Says:

MMMMMM… cheese its. I could literally eat a whole box at one sitting. And I’m not talking about the reduced fat variety – those are like cardboard (although I could eat a whole box of those as well) I’m talking the full fat, full flavor kind!! And don’t even get me started on the white cheddar 😆

tiny2b Says:

Those loosey-goosey gym goals often work out okay. “I’ll run for some length” gets you on the treadmill, and for me the getting there part is half the battle.

Did somebody say cheez its? Yum.

getupnow Says:

I was just thinking today about how many days in a row that I have eaten exactly the same thing for breakfast and lunch! The only thing i change is what kind of fruit that I have. And I honestly could continue indefinitely. I don’t see an end to it in sight.

Have a great workout! 😀

feathers Says:

It’s wonderful to finally be catching up with everyone else. I hope your exercise goals all come true today.

getupnow Says:

You better watch out, you might spontaneously break into the hustle on the tready tomorrow with that song!! 😉

kashi Says:

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