I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Happy Sunday everyone!

Having a great day myself: slept late & heading to the Y to do some weights. My goal is to jog a mile first: I was thinking last night that it’d be nice to have a mile become just a standard thing I do everyday…hoping that’ll make me stronger when it comes to those 3 mile runs. We’ll see. I have some resolve now & a chance to make working out a part of my new routine (yay routine!), so I’m feeling good about my chances of dropping 17 pounds by Christmas. It’s a humble goal, but I’m a humble (read: lazy) gal.


Breakfast: kashi & blueberries

Lunch: my own chef salad: hb egg, slice of swiss, slice of ham, lettuce, tomato, low cal dressing

Snack: will be a peach was 1 cup cheeze its

Dinner: 1 slice meatloaf & pasta salad

Exercise: upper & lower body, 1 mile run, .25 mile walk. Did the weights first so I wouldn’t sweat all over the machines & that actually had me looking forward to the run!

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By bigprof
On August 24, 2008
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getupnow Says:

That is a good idea about making a mile a standard. I think I may adopt (steal) that idea and see if it can help me with being more consistant.

Good luck with your 17 pounds! I think that amount is realistic. No matter how many I may be able to lose in a week, I ALWAYS have weeks when I don’t lose any. So I don’t think 17 by Christmas is humble or lazy, just realistic and totally do-able!

tjnorth Says:

I absolutely agree that blogging here is essential to stay accountable…I don’t know if anyone reads my blog, but the fact that it is out there makes me feel like I have to keep myself on track and follow through on my words.

I am only 5 weeks or so into the 0-5K training plan, I can cover 5k in 40 minutes (best time so far) running about 20 minutes total in there. It is so HARD. Anyone who runs 1 mile as standard practice is definitely a ‘used-to-be couch potato’!

eryn76 Says:

That is a great idea! Problem is I give up about a 1/4 mile into it (those red dots on the treadmill just go way to slow around the track 😆 )

I would like to be able to actually run and be able to watch the time on the treadmill. I have to cover it up because if I don’t I give up way too quickly

tiny2b Says:

Isn’t it nice to get back into a routine? I am looking forward to school starting after our big family campout. I need to start thinking about some goal-setting for fall, though.


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