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A mouse story for Periwinkle

So I was completely creeped out by Periwinkle’s dead mouse story…one of the reasons I don’t have cats, even though I adore them!

But clearly the universe didn’t think I was creeped out enough, so it sent another mouse last night…a live one, a baby one, swimming about desperately in the dog’s water bowl (one of those deep mixer-bowl varieties). He must’ve gotten in when hubby was fixing the screen door & the dog must’ve scared him off the wall or something when we went downstairs for a drink (good doggie!). I didn’t hear the plop, but I did hear a squeek & notice the dog staring very curiously at his water bowl. Still, I expected to see a moth or something, not a little gray mouse doing laps.

So I did what any reasonable person would do, I screamed bloody murder & called for hubby to come help. Except hubby hates mice, really hates them & hubby has no hubby he can call for for help in these situations (very unfair). I hate mice too, of course, but I hate the thought of drowning a baby one even more & that’s what hubby proposed we do…wait it out. So I gathered some courage, grabbed the bowl & walked very carefully outside & into the back yard where I tossed baby & bowl water out at the same time. The little guy was stunned for a few seconds, collected his wits, caught his breath, & then scampered back into the woods.

Went upstairs & promptly found a daddy long legs crawling around on the shower curtain. Hubby took care if it…he’s very good at spider wrangling & I can’t stand the things.

Long story now short (so you should’ve jumped to the end): this house is CREEPING ME OUT!

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By bigprof
On July 29, 2008
At 9:42 am
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tylerdurden Says:

Thank you for saving the little mousie!

m3at49 Says:

Ghosties ‘n ghoulies and long legged beasties and things that go bump in the night! Ahhh bigprof, ya big hearted soul, you can’t stand to see any thing suffer either! Hopefully that’s it for your invasion of mice and spiders, but I don’t know cause once word gets out in the ‘little creatures kingdom’ of your sympathetic nature…well it may make more! 😆 Like my periwinkles, what a story that little mousie will have to tell!…”Ahhhs felled in tada big watah an den…”

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tiny2b Says:

Nice save! The problem with waiting it out is that it is just as creepy to dispose of the little mouse corpse as it is to deal with the live mouse, in my opinion. I hope this is at hubby’s soon-to-be old house and not your new house!?! Don’t want to be creeped out in your new house already!

feathers Says:

Spiders and mices and bugs, oh my! It was very kind of you to save that baby mouse (at least you didn’t have to do any mouth to mouse resucitation!)

moonfairy Says:

Awww….I would’ve done the same thing (that’s if DH didn’t take care of the problem). I can’t bear to see anything suffer, even if it is a mouse. 🙂

soclose Says:

The mice of the world will be forever grateful and bring ALL their offspring to see the wonderful mouse-saving woman.

m3at49 Says:

hey bigprof! Where the hell are ya? Waz up? Did ya fall into a packing box? I must know!!! 🙂 Toodleydoo!


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