I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Nice run, procrastination, and ravioli

Nice run around noon today. The trail was populated by some event of some kind, so I used my last (forgot I had it) day pass for the rec center. Walked .1 mile, ran 1 mile, walked .15, ran .25, walked .25, ran .25 etc (an homage to getupnow’s approach). Ended up at 2.75 miles, 1.85 of that running. I would’ve run longer, but then I remembered the ravioli…

So we’re in procrastination overdrive here & I’ve decided to just go with the flow. Today’s procrastination task was preparing dinner for 4-6 friends. Not a big deal, except the dinner is a kind of send-off for one friend who leaves for a job in New York state on Monday. Not a big deal, except when hubby asked this friend what her favorite meal was, she mentioned the cheese and raisin ravioli’s at a local restaurant.

So I’m running & enjoying my new playlist (salt n’ pepper, run dmc, grand master flash, all good stuff) when it hits me…RAVIOLI! I get home &, sure enough, the pasta maker is out & hubby’s cranking out pasta for raviolis. 4 1/2 hours later & we have enough cheese and golden raisin ravioli for everyone to have a few & a lasagna I made, salad, garlic bread. I’m inclined to be angry about this stuff cause while he cranked out pasta, I cleaned, shopped, and made the rest of the meal. But crimeny, how adorable is my husband to spend all day making this special kind of pasta just cause his friend said she loved it…and I’ll bet money she didn’t expect him to try making it!

So…off the diet for tonight, although so far I’ve had only cereal & blueberries and one ravioli.

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By bigprof
On July 25, 2008
At 3:16 pm
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getupnow Says:

Oh! I got a kick out of this one! 😀 That is adorable of your hubby and I sooo relate. There just are no limits on how much time I am willing to put into preparing a meal that will be consumed in 20 minutes or less. It is insane, really. But yet I do it. And I love it (as long as I am in a good mood). The meal sounds wonderful. Your friends are lucky people!! 😀

m3at49 Says:

Am I too late? Are there left overs? Naaa of course not! What, am I dreaming? leftovers…sheesh!

tiny2b Says:

You’re doing such a good job with your “roll with it” attitude these days, heehee. How’s hubby’s packing up going?


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