I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Boxes of Plans and Procrastinations!

Decided to suck it up & head for hubby’s after my meeting yesterday, rather than wait for today. I have a meeting next Thursday, which will cut my trip up here short anyway, so I figured it was worth rolling in around midnight last night not to lose another day. There’s packing to do, don’tchaknow!

Only I forgot, as I so often do, that hubby is a bit of a procrastinator. I love him dearly & he’s the best man I’ve ever known, but he comes from this long line of frustrating procrastinators: his ancestors almost decided to accompany Columbus before the boats left the dock; they nearly got their RSVP’s back in time to attend the signing of the Declaration of Independence; they spent a little too long not thinking about attending the launch of the Apollo 11 and by the time they got around to thinking about it, it was already gone. This little issue of his is exacerbated by the fact that I come from a long, long line of planners and worriers. His “laissez faire” attitude and my “laissez get our sh*# together now” attitude…well, you see where I’m going with this.

So the problem is that I’m here to help hubby pack, but I don’t know what I can/cannot pack because he hasn’t decided if he’s leaving next Friday, the week after that, or the week after that (he’s teaching for 3 more weeks, but could shift the final classes online & move south early). So…am I packing up all his clothes, books, papers, cookware, etc because he’s out of here or am I packing up only the stuff he won’t necessarily need for the next three weeks?

So here I sit. He’s off teaching & I’m ready to get packing. Now he has made some major moves to get out of here: he fixed the furnace, cut back tree limbs that were overhanging the house, and stripped the woodwork we took down last year when we put up the new drywall. So he’s moving in that direction, and there are plenty of boxes waiting for me on the porch, but I think the packing thing is going to be rough going at first…

So it’s a good time to get caught up on what everyone’s doing &, well, first things first: it’s ERYN‘S BIRTHDAY! Have a great day! & while I’m at it, Welcome back from vacation Ms. tylerdurden! & Welcome back to blogging soclose! We missed you!

Oh, everyone’s doing a lot more than I in terms of weight loss, food watching, and exercise. Periwinkle has a quote that hits home for me…I’m waiting for conditions to be perfect & really, why am I doing that? I need to get moving now! So I guess hubby & I should take a nice long walk before we tackle the packing question & I should take advantage of the pool at the rec center while I’m here. Although getupnow’s talk of her run on that country road sounds pretty good too!

Feather’s latest post hit home for me too…my inner 3 year old has been making my life hell lately & it’s time to make her behave! Tiny2b’s 3 year old may have also escaped & helped herself to half a bag of chips…now how is it that this happens? & I ask cause this is me all over…one day you’re biking & picking berries & the next day…Doritos? That’s my life in a nutshell!

& brseay is bouncing back from news that she can’t run for a month because of plantar fascitis, but she’s already putting plan B into action!

I need to get some of that kind of resolve. This move happened & I didn’t even think about a plan B…I just abandoned the plans I’d made. Maybe I’ve got more procrastination genes in me than I think, but I need to call on my inner-planner: okay, walk today, run tomorrow! That’s good enough for now, I think!

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On July 24, 2008
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tiny2b Says:

I am cracking up over “laissez faire” vs. “laissez get our sh*# together now”. At least you’re having that struggle externally with another person. I have it with myself in my own head!

eryn76 Says:

Thank’s for the birthday wishes!! I too loved the quote that tiny2b quoted above. I chuckled out loud in my cubicle.

brseay Says:

It’s silly, but I always feel so special when you put something about me in your writing. Thanks 🙂 And I feel your frustration about your hubby, procrastinators drive me crazy!!! Hope you enjoyed your walk and that he gives you some info soon so you can make some progress.

m3at49 Says:

Hysterical laughter going on here! Ah bigprof I love it when you get on one of your rolls!!! Columbus? Apollo? But the “laissez”s Ha HA ha! Ya floor me!
Je ne give a sh*# pas how the rest of my day goes cause I’ll still be laughing!

plantar fascitis Says:

[…] up here short anyway, so I figured it was worth rolling in around midnight last night not to loshttp://3fatchicks.com/diet-blogs/bigprof/2008/07/24/boxes/Read “RE: Plantar Fasciitis” at Health & Fitness Forum…they do not have the experience to be truly […]


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