I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Oh Bridget!

There’s this great line in Bridget Jones’ Diary where she admits that she honestly believes that if she could just stop eating permanently, she’d finally be healthy. I think about that sentiment a lot cause, frankly, there are days when my mind travels in the same absurd directions.

Anyway, I was thinking about dear old Bridget last night as I started reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma, the book tiny2b has proposed for her new virtual book club. It’s an interesting read for the ways it seeks to explain Americans’ weird relationships with food & a potentially squirmy read because it engages with the history of our food production, traces where the food that hits our plates comes from, and examines the politics and ethics of food production/consumption. We had a nice thunderstorm last night, so I ignored the boxes for a bit & curled up on the couch with the dog & this book. Really made for a lovely evening.

Now I’m off for a run…first one in weeks. I’ve been dreaming about running, though. All night long. & I wonder if, like the dog, my legs move in my sleep…the two of us, dog and bigprof, chasing rabbits all night in our dreams. 🙂 Anyway, wish me luck!

Update: that felt dern good! My goal (and I honestly thought I’d not make it) was to run a full mile without stopping…it’s been about 2 weeks since I laced up my runners for an actual run, so I figured this would be a good test to see how far I’ve fallen. So I walked for 2 mins & then started running. First mile in 13:30…not bad at all for my stumpy legs. Then I walked 2 mins, ran, walked 2 more mins, ran, and walked the last minute. Ended up doing 2.5 miles & decided to call it a day. But then I got home & this little bird, this quick little bird, started chirping in my ear & she said, “you know, if you took a bike ride, you’d keep your muscles loose.” Crazy little bird!

So, fine. I pumped up the tires & took a quick 2-mile ride just to remind myself of what it felt like to ride a bike. I think I’ll try to work that into my running days when I’m back from packing up hubby’s house next week…will mark out some 3 & 4 mile rides for starters…I’m not ready for 11 miles!

Lunch was courtesy of the GREAT STATE OF MICHIGAN! Fresh egg atop a salad of romaine & tomato, beets, and green beans. The OJ wasn’t from around these parts (gee, ya think?), but everything else was raised within 50 miles of home & delicious!

Remember the doggie running in his sleep? Poor thing hasn’t had much fun with this move either, so when lunch was over, I took him to the dog park, stopping briefly on the way at a road-side stand to pick up corn, sweet cherries, and a cucumber. I wanted a tomato, but they only had Tenn. tomatoes. Peaches were amazing (the guy was passing out samples all over the place), but from Georgia…our peaches are a couple of weeks away from ripe, I think. & why buy peaches when the cherries are out? So now I’m going to try to freeze a batch of cherries & on the way back from hubby’s next week, I’ll pick up some more for freezing & drying (these are awesome on salads, with spinach & pinenuts, in chicken salad, but expensive to buy in the winter). I’ve frozen off 10 pounds of blueberries with 5 pounds left to do (Mich. blueberries were on sale at Kroger for a shocking $7.99 for 5 pound boxes…there may be only a very thin line between eating local & hoarding food, I think :)).

Okay, time to catch up on my reading…I’m so glad to see that getupnow is back to posting! But where’s soclose?

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By bigprof
On July 22, 2008
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oslogirl Says:

I am a huge fan of Bridget! I also have my days when I think i should just starve and sometimes, I even convince myself its right! Absurd, i couldn’t agree more with you!

The book you are reading sounds really good. I will make a point to check it out.

Hope you had a good run!

getupnow Says:

LOL! Bigprof’s a sleeprunner 😀 You should log those miles!

m3at49 Says:

Cuckoo! Cuckoo!

tiny2b Says:

I am trying to add you as a user on the book club site so you can post vs. comment… but I am too slow-adult to figure it out. If you know how, drop me a line!

tylerdurden Says:

I dream of running too, and it always feels so easy, like flying. Oh, and I never sweat either, which is a big improvement over REAL life, lol!


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