I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Okay, it’s been tough & I haven’t exactly been tougher…

Thanks for all the encouraging posts. I’ve been letting this whole house moving thing become my excuse to fall back into bad habits…gee, like you didn’t already guess that given the minimal posting from me these past two weeks. So let’s catalog the nightmare! Confession being good for the soul & one way for me to STOP feeding this nightmare!

Okay, I was going to have to pay the movers (who came on Thursday) by the hour, so I foolishly decided to move as much stuff as I possibly could myself first. Hey, less money for the movers translates into more money for trips to Ikea for us, right? I think I overdid it, though. Everyday for about 8 days, I’d pack up boxes, load the car, unload at the new house, unpack the boxes, bring the boxes back to the apartment, & on and on. On the upside, they estimated I’d need 3 big men for 5 hours to do the move & I cut that time down to just 3 hours. On the downside, the last two days before the movers came, the only thing that kept me going was diet soda in the fridge at the new house & a pack of those pre-sliced & ready to bake chocolate chip cookies. I’d run boxes all day, reward myself with the soda, & for the last run of the night, bake myself off 4-5 cookies while I unloaded the car. I reasoned that the thought of those cookies was what kept me going all day, but I’m good at this type of destructive reasoning.

Oh, and there was a bag of lower fat (but who are we kidding here?) Cape Cod potato chips in there. & take out chicken curry and a Panera sandwich & soup and takeout chicken korma. After the movers left, I made up a batch of rotel dip (oh, this stuff is great for you, it’s just processed cheese food product mixed with rotel tomatoes) and ate it with a bag of tortilla chips & more diet soda. I’m not going to call the last 10 days or so a food fest cause it’s been too damn hot to eat in a big way & most days I’d forget to eat until I was starved & ready to eat my own foot. But it wasn’t me, it wasn’t by the rules, and it didn’t make me feel good about myself the way I have these past few months. I LET myself do this. Gave myself permission. Fine, I can forgive all that because if I don’t, I’ll just have to accept the failure I’m feeling, keep on down this destructive road & never look back.

So…today, like eryn, I’m starting again. I don’t have time to pick veggies today…still have to clean my apartment before the power is cut off on Tuesday, move all my work clothes into the new house, & unpack my office here so I can get caught up for a meeting on Monday (see how I am with the excuses?)…but I do have time to stop at the farmer’s market & get some good food. The soda is history, the remaining tortilla chips (half the bag) and the rotel dip hit the garbage can last night, the cookies are no more (read: I ate all 24 in the package, so no more temptation there), and I’m back to eating 3 good meals a day, not one crappy one.

Also, until I feel like this house is in order, I can’t bring myself to workout, so I’m going to count unpacking & cleaning as working out. Last week I averaged only about 8,000 steps a day, but they were hard-earned steps, usually with a giant box of something in my hands. This week I need to average 10,000 a day cause there’s less box shifting…although still a lot of that going on. So, I’m going to give myself some emotional or psychological credit for the work I’m doing this week & get back on track with my eating. Next week, I’ll hit the pavement & pay the price for all this time off, but it’ll be good to pay that price to get back to running.

I see I’m not the only one who has gone missing for a bit. But that’s bound to happen from time to time. I hope everyone else jumps back on track too!

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On July 19, 2008
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tiny2b Says:

I’m glad you’re back. Get unpacked, get settled and get back to your routine! It’ll happen.

3 hour diet Says:

[…] came on Thursday by the hour, so I foolishly decided to move as much stuff as I possibly could myselhttp://3fatchicks.com/diet-blogs/bigprof/2008/07/19/okay-its-been-tough-i-havent-exactly-been-toughe…3 Hour Diet3 hour diet Review from the experts at BestDietForMe.com … Is The 3-Hour diet the right […]

eryn76 Says:

Excuses, excuses… oh, we are all so good at making them aren’t we. Myself included. And rotel… YUM!! I could eat the whole bowl if left to my own devices. Hubby likes it so we actually have it more than we should (although only with tacos, so if I don’t make tacos that takes care of the problem) However if you make it with the 2% Velveeta it makes it a “tad” healthier. But you don’t want to eat it… so moving on….

m3at49 Says:

Hi, you’re back! I know you’ll have more time after you’re all moved in and settled. Routine…how we miss our routine! LOL I did and was off on a wander for only 2 days and I feel like crap! Sat on my butt today and why? Why, I ask myself, is it so easy to be a slug? It ends tomorrow! I need to do the healthy grocery stock up as well.
I must confess that I did good reading your post up until I read “chocolate chip cookies” and after that I took nothing in. I have cookies on the brain and if I had a batch here right now I’d eat myself sick of ’em!!! Chewy choc.chip cookies are my ultimate weakness. Drooooling. I’m going the hell to bed right now and workout soon as I get up…I have a chow confession of my own to make tomorrow.

feathers Says:

Is it the time of year or what that seems to be wrecking all our plans?

Your house moving sounded like an Herculean effort, and I can understand that you were down to “survival” mode with soda and warm cookies (that sounds reeeealy yummy, actually).

Take it easy and have fun shopping at Ikea with all that spare $$$

getupnow Says:

Congratulations on your move! I hope that by now you have had time to sit in your new home and put your feet up and and enjoy this new beginning! Moving would definitely throw me off track. I noticed a weakening of my resolve just when I could not log my food on fitday a couple of weeks this summer. Hopefully the rest of the summer is going to get a bit easier.

oslogirl Says:

Was wierd reading your post because we also moved this last weekend. It was really stressful and involved allot of boxes going up and down stairs. We are all settled in now and I am so relieved not to see boxes lying around. Hopefully your unpacking went well! And good luck with getting back on track, i know it can be hard!


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