I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Virtual 5K today!

So the virtual 5K sponsored by weelittleme is this weekend & I’m trying to motivate myself to have an outside run even though it’s chilly & rainy & will probably be windy by the Portage. Still, it’d be nice to have more to report on about my run than just “treadmill was smooth today, unfortunately the TV at the rec center was tuned to Foxnews.”

Okay, I’m off…an outside run it is.

Oh, weelittleme is moving on to Hal Higdon’s Spring Training for Novice Runners, which is supposed to get you ready for a 6 mile run. I know I’m not exactly burning up the couch to 5K program here, but I’m thinking of trying it just for the discipline & for the chance to work towards someone else’s goals. Periwinkle, is that what you used earlier this summer?

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By bigprof
On June 29, 2008
At 9:45 am
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soclose Says:

Oh, dear I totally forgot……let me go tie up some tomatoes and get on gym clothes and get my butt over to the gym. Thanks for the reminder. Somebody needs to be last.


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