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My Virtual 5K Report

After reading weelittleme’s post on her run, through rain & hail, I decided an outside run was in order. Headed out to the Portage trail & decided I’d start by seeing how fast I could run that first mile. Usually the first mile is my worst: every negative thought I have runs through my head…why am I running anyway, what if I can’t make it this mile, why not just go home & call it a day, wouldn’t a 3.1 mile walk be just as good for me. If I’m going to give up, it’s going to be in that first mile.

So today I decided to use the motivation of the virtual 5K to push myself early, rather than later on, so I tried to focus on running faster for the first mile, & found most of the negative thoughts got pushed aside as I tried to concentrate on my stride, rhythm, and breathing. Finished mile 1 in 12:30, which isn’t Olympic by any standards, but I think it was a personal best for me. The second mile I did a few short walks in there, but I didn’t check my watch to get a time for it. The first mile or so the weather was calm, but the wind kicked up, so I had the wind against me for the last leg of the trip.

Going into mile 3, I usually start to appreciate the running & begin to notice where I am. It was pretty overcast on the Portage, but still lovely out. & while the wind was a factor on the way back, it felt genuinely good, cool, and even energizing. I did some short walks for this mile too, but I tried to run the majority of it. I even ran through a few big puddles in homage to our virtual 5K leader & to all ya’ll who run no matter what the weather. This last mile I kicked it up a bit too…in fact, for most of the run, I at least felt like I was running faster (with longer strides) than my usual.

Final time for my run today was 43:30. Not great, but a bit better than my race time in May & possibly my best time yet.

Looking forward to reading about everyone else’s runs this weekend!

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By bigprof
On June 29, 2008
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[…] Prof from I Guess I Run Now put in a great push and a great time and came in at 43:30 for possibly her best time ever!! She even hit some solidarity puddles for those of us running in […]

soclose Says:

Since I don’t actually run on the tm, I didn’t officially register but I’m unofficially clocking in at 58:20 for 3.1 miles; should make everyone else feel great about their times.

getupnow Says:

Good for you on your run! I loved the photo link, it is great to get a mental image of places. Good luck with your new goals!! 😀

eryn76 Says:

Awesome job!!! I totally forgot about the virtual 5k, but I did a real one yesderday.


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