I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Home again, home again, off again, off again

This trip…

a lot of walking, a lot of family stress, and a lot of cookies, apparently were the order of the day at mom’s. I’ve tried to blog about the stress, but I can’t bring myself to post them & make them a permanent part of the internet’s eternal memory hole. So…cookies. Well, we probably shouldn’t talk about the cookies here either, and by “we,” I mean “me,” cause I’ll just try to shift the blame to my darling mom who bought the cookies rather than to me who did the vast majority of the eating of the cookies.

I think I still may have lost a pound from all the walking & stress, but would’ve lost more were it not for the…well…the damn cookies.

So I’m home for the night. Got home around 8:00 & haven’t even looked at my bed, so happy was I to have the internet again. Have caught up on my emailing, but have only scanned to see what ya’ll have been up to this week.

& I’m off again in the morning…

Should probably stick around to sort out bills & think about what I need to do before we close on the new house, but it was a stressful trip home (nothing new there, if memory serves and denial is my friend), and I just need to see hubby & dog as soon as humanly possible. If I get my act together & get to bed SOON, “as soon as humanly possible” should be around 7:00 tomorrow night…or rather, tonight, since it’s already 1:30 am.

I need a routine. No, I have a routine, but I need a routine, routine. I need a routine that doesn’t include 9 1/2 hour road trips and that takes place in one location, not two or three. It’ll be so nice to have hubby here, to have one place to call “home,” and to be able to create a schedule that doesn’t include two different gyms 550 miles apart.

Look who’s feeling sorry for herself!

Time for some good stuff:

* mom complained that some of my clothes were fitting too loosely & shouldn’t I buy something that fits now. Not going to…this size is temporary, so I’m not investing in it.

* Okay, so I didn’t buy pants or anything substantial, but I did pick up a few smaller-sized t-shirts at the Eddie Bauer outlet last trip back from hubbies. They were too cheap to pass up. x-larges I’ve been living in for the last 3 years are almost silly they’re so big, but the larges are fitting nicely & even a little loose. I feel like mediums can’t be that far away!

* Had to buy a pair of workout capris to replace the ones that I’ve worn through with all the still flabby thigh friction, but I figured I’d try a pair of shorts too…grabbed the x-large shorts & just for kicks the large as well. Tried first pair on to see if it fit tight or loose…fit really loose, so I reached for the pair I assumed were the large, turns out, the loose ones were the large pair, not the x-large. I didn’t buy them, but the large capris fit nicely & so I had a nice visit to the dressing room for the first time in a long, long time.

*I get to see my incredible husband and lovely puppy tomorrow!

*We’ve found a house down here. A nice house that we can live in, not live out of like a couple of nomads.

*I have internet & can get back into the groove with all of ya’ll after a very long week away!

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By bigprof
On June 26, 2008
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m3at49 Says:

Hey bigprof! So darned great to have ya back on here! I f you lost a pound while you were home then let me be the first to congratulate you!!! I’ve never lost a lick of weight on any trip I’ve ever been on to anywhere! Even now to read about anyone’s Mums cookies sets me to salivating down my shirt front.
Routine routine routine…I give it two thumbs up and agree it’s a necessity! Routine will put you into size medium capris right quick like!
My guy and moi are headed off sometime after next week for overnighter or longer. Oooh the big city and my ever growing shopping list for said place. Now you’ve got me wondering if and/or how much I want to invest in temporary sizes. I don’t! 😆 But, not owning a belt it’s getting to the point where I may have to tie a rope thru my jeans like Elly Mae Clampet!

p.s. answered your question in my comments. Chow!

soclose Says:

Sorry about all the stress and glad to have you back. Hope you catch up on your rest. I would be thrilled to go somewhere and actually lose weight!

tiny2b Says:

Welcome home… I missed you. RE: the Alli, I don’t know if it works. I’ve taken it sporadically so it’s hard to tell. But it does have a nice psychological effect for me when I take it after eating something really fatty, to feel less like a giant a*hole for the binge and hopefully am blocking half the fat. No side effects for me, but what I’ve read about the side effects is totally gross. Are you doing the virtual 5k this weekend? If so, “see” you there : )


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