I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Greetings from the UP…

Just a quick post before I head out for a run…an inside run as we have thunderstorms rolling around all morning.

Found this article on the benefits of walking today: apparently it’s good for just about everything. I think I’ll get my mom back to walking everyday when I visit her next week.

Yesterday took a nice long walk with the dog, not our normal route since this weekend the town is nuts with Bridgefest activities & our normal route would’ve taken me past fair-food vendors (there’s a rumor of a fried Oreo stand). Instead, we walked from hubby’s house in Hancock, across the bridge, and over to Tech. I usually take this trip one-way in the summer & have hubby drive me home after his class, so it doubled what I’m used to walking. Not a huge deal, but I’ve always feared the enormous hills that you have to walk up to get back home. Turns out, those hills are enormous, but they’re not to be feared at all. I like these signs that I’m in better shape this year than last.

After the walk we took a lovely afternoon nap, had dinner, and did some yard work. I got the front garden weeded & trimmed some of the weeds growing along the side of the house. Hubby mowed the lawn. Things are looking good now, but we need a few more perennials to fill in where some of the less-hearty ones didn’t survive the winter…that’s the plan for after the run & after the storms pass.

In other news, getupnow’s coconut chicken recipe was a hit with our dinner guests on Friday night. We usually play around with recipes, so with this one instead of the curry & other ingredients, we added orange & lemon zest to the coconut, used Wheaties instead of corn flakes (cause that’s what we had on hand), and seasoned the flour with paprika and cayenne pepper. Was very yummy! All we were missing was periwinkle’s recipe for iced coffee. 🙂

Okay ya’ll, that’s all for now! Have a lovely Sunday!

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By bigprof
On June 15, 2008
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getupnow Says:

Mmm. Your version of the chicken sounds yummy! I will have to keep that in mind. I am a BIG fan of citrus. Speaking of which, I am guessing you would like the citrus chicken since the marinade is orange and lime zest and juice and it has some red pepper flakes or cayenne in it.

I am liking the sound of your day! So relaxing.

Good for you on the hills! Sometimes as rewarding as the exercise can be, the biggest reward can just be how much improves normal life. Have fun on your run! 😀

soclose Says:

Sounds like you are having a lovely week-end.

Good on you for planting perennials; I went overboard with annuals this year. I once saw a t-shirt with the slogan: “Friends Don’t Let Friends Plant Annuals”. If it hadn’t been soooo expensive (like 27.00) I swear I would have bought it.

I envy your hills. I miss them.

soclose Says:

PS Enjoyed the walking article!

eryn76 Says:

Sounds like you are having a lovely time with your hubby. Good for you for avoiding those food vendors. They are the main reason I haven’t been to the fair in like 3 years or so. The last time I went was the Texas State Fair and it was NOT a pretty sight. We ate just about everything and the end result was not good at all. I know that if I go, that’s all I will do is eat!

m3at49 Says:

Guess it’s time you let your brain catch up from last year to your ‘this years’ body! 🙂 Hmmm…seems like not too awful long ago somebody wasn’t sure about a long sandy walk out to the lakes point, either and she nailed that, too! 😉 now who was that???

Way to chew through those hills and spit ’em out behind ya, fitprof!

tylerdurden Says:

Walking is a great overall exercise, I’m glad you are able to feel your fitness improvements so obviously. It’s nice to really FEEL the changes and know your hard work is WORKING!

feathers Says:

A fried Oreo stand? Why is it that EVERYTHING fried tastes so much better? sigh. Proof that evil exists. Have you ever tried a fried Mars Bar? DON’T DO IT! That way lies madness. I’m off to read your link about walking now. And to think about fresh fruit and planting gardens and stuff. Now that’s inspirational.

tiny2b Says:

I shared a friend snickers bar with DD9 at the county fair last year. OMG. I could feel my arteries clogging as I chewed. Life is not fair.


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