I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Run Tiny, Run!

Our girl tiny2b is probably running her race as I write this. Can’t wait to hear how she did!

I chose walking over running today. My new friend the librarian & I planned to meet in town for breakfast & to visit the farmer’s market, so I walked in to meet her. Managed to add a mile onto the trip by backtracking one mile to get to the local trail & taking that rather indirect (but prettier) route into town.

& ya’ll I was so good at breakfast, which is really one of my weaknesses! I planned out my meal in advance…eggs benedict, but last night I praticed saying “no hollandaise, please” and “can I get fresh fruit instead of homefries”…& no, I’m not kidding about the practice runs, both of those statements run counter to my instincts, so I had to hear myself say them out loud before I’d trust myself with a breakfast menu 🙂

Turns out I didn’t have to use those phrases at all…figured out the cheaper way instead: I ordered 2 poached eggs with an English muffin (sadly not whole grain & I forgot to ask for no butter) and I asked for tomotoes on the side instead of potatoes…This I stacked into my own healthier eggs bennie. & it was totally satisfying, filling, but not so much food that I felt guilty or sick.

Then we hit the market, but I have tons of veggies still to work through before I leave town next week, so I settled for getting only grape tomatoes from the same vender I hit up last week…& they’re amazing. & after that we walked around down town for over an hour.

She started at the university the same year I did (so, 2 yrs ago) & she’s had the same struggle meeting people. We’ve been sort of slow forming a friendship, but once we discovered how much we both like the local brew pub, that sort of helped things along.

Anyway, as we were going into all the stores on Main St that we’ve both just walked by for the last 2 years, she said, “I think the last time I went shopping with another woman was over 2 years ago, with my mom.” Ditto for me. Pretty sad really, but it just made the chance to shop with someone that much more fun. She’ll be a good friend, I think as she’s a regular at the Y, wants us to run on the in-town trail some time, & is training to run the 5k at our university in October. She runs about a 7-8 minute mile, but she wants me to get down to a 10-minute mile so we can run it together.

So it was a good day & I proved that I can face a breakfast menu & make wise choices. Will I always make wise choices with breakfast menues in future now? Oh, undoubtedly not, but I really think ordering more healthy options will get easier with practice.

Okay, one more before I’m done tonight. Last night I decided I wanted pasta, so I cooked up & combined a cup of whole wheat pasta, 2 chopped chicken sausages (turns out these are only 2.5 oz a piece), and a ton of veggies (summer squash, zucchini, grape tomoatoes, spinach, asparagus, & onion). 1 cup of pasta & 2 sausages cause I figured I’d have leftovers to eat tonight too. & I did! I did have leftovers! I’m going to say that again, cause it rarely happens with pasta: I HAD LEFTOVERS! In fact, after I added all the veggies I thought I needed, I ended up with enough for 3 additional meals (just finished the first).

Now in the past I might have thought “I’m making all this extra for leftovers.” And then I’d have sat in front of the TV & mindlessly worked my way through all or most of whatever I cooked. But last night I made a point of taking out the storage containers first & displaying them on the table, and I made sure the salad took up half my plate, and when I was tempted to get up and have another yummy portion, I sat there & gnawed a few olives until the temptation passed and it was safe to get up and clean the kitchen.

Okay, sorry for the drawn-out post tonight…gee, what’s new?…but it’s my 12th week doing this, so I’m starting to notice changes: big ones like there’s actually leftover pasta in my fridge & little ones like I went from having butter at least once a day to having it maybe once a week, if that much. & while the numbers on the scale haven’t changed much in the last 12 weeks, I feel like my relationship with food & exercise really has. 🙂

Food today:

Breakfast/lunch: 2 poached eggs, English muffin with butter, 4 tomato slices, 3 bites of a slice of bread at the farmers’ market (so not worth the calories).

Snack: 1 WW toffee

Dinner: salad & pasta/sausage/veggie dish

Snack: fat/sugar free pudding with lite cool whip

Exercise: 7 mile walk

P.S. I’m down .8 pds from last week…it ain’t much, but it’s still a loss.

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On May 31, 2008
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soclose Says:

So neat that you’ve found a good “running, etc.” buddy. That’s truly wonderful. It’s great when you find someone you “click” with, isn’t it?

Congrats on the healthy bfsk. AND the will to resist those leftovers!

m3at49 Says:

What’s this? Eating out healthy, half a plate is salad, leftovers AND a new friend? Who are you and what have you done with bigprof??? 😆 Go grab a lotto ticket, you’re on a roll! Keep it up and that 10 pound mini goal is toast! And if you conquer a 10 minute mile, pahleeze tell me how…can I accumulated it in bursts and spurts, lol does that count?

glasgow314 Says:

It most be really great that your were able to overcome your temptation and leave the leftovers. I have not conquered that goal but I am on my way to a better me and I guess that counts for something. Keep up the good work.

eryn76 Says:

I do the same thing! Practice what I am going to order before I get there. We must have been sharing brain waves Saturday morning since we both ordered healthy breakfasts. I kept saying over and over “veggie omelet no cheese. grits no butter. no bread” And it worked!! usually no matter how much I practice, I cave when it comes down to it.

I have found that when I make dinner and am planning leftovers for lunch (which is everyday) I take out what I am going to take for leftovers out first. Then it leaves less in the pot to take from for dinner. Then I serve my kids, then my husband, and then me. If there is anything left, it goes to my husband because he’ll eat it (although I’m hoping with the gym membership he’ll break that habit)

brseay Says:

Rehearsing things out loud can definitely work. I remember one time about a year ago I was going to Burger King to pick up something for my hubby and I told myself “I can do this without ordering something for me.” over and over. By the time I got to the drive-thru window I was just following orders. Thanks for reminding me of this great technique.


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