I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Wow, where’d I go there?

Nearly 2 full days without posting & two days without reading blogs…UGH. I’m going to claim that it couldn’t be helped yesterday: meetings all morning & a deadline to meet in the afternoon…that led to another deadling first thing this morning…although how that led to an evening of beer drinking & a big salad (good, good) with fried chicken on top (oh dear!), I don’t know. & today I was just a cleaning and grocery shopping fool trying to get ready for hubby’s brief trip down here.

But I’m sure you can imagine the lazy food-fest that resulted from this lack of contact with, well, ya’ll over the last two days! I pretty much showed accountability the door & asked him to take Mr. Diet and Ms. Daily Steps with him. 🙂

But I’m back first thing tomorrow. Hubby’s in town so we can look for a house for when he moves down here in the fall, so I’m going to be up with the birds to do my usual routine of reading, writing, and running before we have to meet with the realtor.

We won’t talk about food yesterday. Let’s focus on the positive, today.

Breakfast: 1/2 grapefruit

Lunch: asparagus salad thingy

snack: 15 pretzels with 3 tbs hummus

dinner: salad, whole-grain rice, asparagus thingy, 4oz (so half of a) chicken cherry burger


Exercise: 45 minute walk around the dog park

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By bigprof
On May 20, 2008
At 6:53 pm
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feathers Says:

I think there’s something about fried chicken at the moment. I’m trying to avoid it, but I hear it callllling. I missed blogging yesterday, too. But I did write a short story so at least the day was not frittered away as all too often happens.

getupnow Says:

Oooh Ooohh! How fun! I hope you and your hubby are having a great day looking for a house today. I hate the thought of packing, but moving is always so exciting! 😀

I have never heard of a chicken cherry burger. Sounds yummy!

m3at49 Says:

Mr.Diet and Ms.Daily Steps, oh stop it…ya kill me! Fall off the wagon, get up ,dust your pants off, have a good laugh over it and carry on. Love the optimism around here, I sure do!

Come on now, spill the beans, what’s this mysterious chicken cherry burger? Can you eat it in a house?…can you eat it with a mouse?…


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