I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


There will be bad weeks…

but this ain’t one of ’em! 2 pounds lost!

Slow & steady wins the race! I was preparing to be disappointed this week cause of TOM, but I’m so glad to have this as motivation for next week (and to get my butt out of the chair & run week 3 this morning).

Kiki: I use Wai Lana videos (she’s on PBS sometimes, so I used to record her show). The PBS episodes are only about 20 mins long, working different muscle groups each day. I also used her video for beginners (longer format), but the VCR got hungy and ate it a few weeks ago.

Brseay: I’m in Michigan, so I guess the snow cut a long path across the midwest…it’s been a pretty relentless winter here. & the links for the couch25K program are on my site, bottom right column. If you decide to try it, join our Yahoogroup for support…a few of us are running together, virtually anyway. 🙂

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By bigprof
On March 28, 2008
At 7:47 am
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