I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


Really quite sleepy…

So I’ve been doing this exercise every day thing for about 3 weeks now, & I’m enjoying it, but come mid-day, I’m absolutely beat & ready for a nap. I was sort of hoping this part would be over by now, but I guess I need to get a bit stronger first & probably getting to bed before midnight would help. Anyone out there able to tell me when the mid-day sleep attacks might end?

Decided that instead of my usual Cheerios for breakfast, I’d have a slice of low-cal toast and a scrambled egg. My reasoning was that the extra protein would do my body good the day after my first strength training session in months. So that was breakfast, lunch was a salad & about a cup of the leftover Jasmin rice (no reason to throw that out with the korma) with a teaspoon of low-fat butter & some Molly McButter; snack was 6 olives (picked up the good kind at the olive bar yesterday & these suckers have about 15 calories each…but they’re worth it, very satisfying); dinner was 3 oz of talipia baked with a light dusting of breadcrumbs, crushed pecans, and non-stick spray, 1 1/2 cups rice (same prep as lunch) and a big salad. Snack tonight is the last of the 1/2 cup low-everything chocolate pudding with low-fat cool whip…one of the most fun and satisfying 120 calorie snacks I’ve found.

I’m going to try to squeeze in another strength-training workout tomorrow during the day. Otherwise I’ll have to fit it in before my classes on Thursday (not cool) & my run killed today largely, I think, because of yesterday’s trip to the Y. Every muscle I have was aching and screaming its discontent to the world, and I really want Friday’s run to be more enjoyable than today’s.

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By bigprof
On March 25, 2008
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