I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


oh, that delicious korma!

Got back from the dog park around 5:30 & was starving. But I played it smart: phoned in my order, munched on some carrots & drank some water, and got my salad & veggies on the table & ready to go. This way, when I got home, I wasn’t tempted to dig right into the warm food & put off making (and eating) the salad: it was already made!

That’s the good news. The bad news is I ate about 2 cups worth of lamb korma & rice, half a piece of naan, and the whole salad.  The lamb dish probably registered in at about 850 calories (eh gads, that much?!), about 200 in the naan bread, about 150 in the salad. So, for those of you playing along at home, that’s 1200 calories & I haven’t even counted dessert at 120. & here I was saving the leftovers for dinner tonight thinking that if I ate only 1 cup, it wouldn’t be so bad. I can see now that I gotta get this food OUT OF MY HOUSE!

So, that’s another rule: if I’m getting Indian takeout (and it’ll be a long time before that happens again, clearly), I gotta find something besides the richest dish on the menu to love.

Oh, I discovered another rule after my run yesterday: no eating (a meal) right after a big workout. I wasn’t starved & some carrots or a small piece of cheese would’ve controlled my slight hunger fine, but I plowed through the first half of lunch without even thinking about what I was eating (low-fat chix noodle soup, salad, & veggies). So I was letting the endorphins do the eating for me & that’s not cool cause what those endorphins are good for is a kind of trance-like state.

Anyway, my exercise yesterday didn’t make up for the food consumed, but I’m still happy with it: 40 min walk/run in the morning, 30 min slow walk around the dog park, and another 15 minute fast walk on the treadmill after dinner. & today I’m putting on one of the new workout outfits I bought last week & hitting the gym to do some strength training before I long day sitting on my @$$ grading. Yes, that’s what I’m doing today, so maybe I better get to it!

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On March 24, 2008
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