I guess I run now

or I’m trying to anyway.


I have seen the enemy, and it is me…

Two posts in one day…wow, can you tell I have stacks of grading to do? I wish I was as clever about weight loss as I am about procrastination.

Anywho, I finished up that last post, turned off the computer & almost immediately lost my resolve. What was that? Go to the Y & do some strength training? Throw out the delicious but dangerous leftovers? Surely I can exercise just as well at home! Surely I can eat the korma in small portions & the calories will hardly count at all!

Okay, it was a battle with myself for about 20 minutes there & then I finally got real. I needed to go to the Y because the membership is bleeding me dry & I need to fit some strength training into my routine & because in two weeks I want to visit the hubby for a long weekend. & there’s nothing but snow there: no lovely treadmill, no comfy spaces for me to do yoga or mat work. So I’ll have to suck it up & hit the university’s rec center when I visit, which means I needed to go to the Y today to get back in the habit of exercising with skinny people all around me.

So I piled on the workout clothes (figured I’d avoid the hassle of changing from street clothes to workout clothes & back again) & headed out.

But first, I tossed the beautiful korma into the trash, knowing that it’d be too warm and truly deadly when I returned from the gym & that if I didn’t, I’d return from the gym having resolved to eat it in moderation. Cause eating in moderation is one of those things that comes so very naturally to me, don’t cha know! HA!

Maybe one of the things that comes with age is that I’m less likely to be able to fool myself, although clearly it’s still a daily struggle with and against my own better judgment.

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By bigprof
On March 24, 2008
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