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Loserly Times

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Yesterday I was supposed to do my weigh-in for week 3. But, I was too full of vodka and steak to get my ass to the gym to get the official total. Let’s recap: I am setting out to lose 65 pounds in 65 weeks. The first week I didn’t gain nor lose anything. The […]

A Love Letter to Richard Simmons

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Instead of going to the gym tonight I decided to stay in and do one of my 6 Leslie Sansone walking DVDs that I used to do a few years ago. I dusted them off and picked one without hand weights and flipped it in the DVD player. After the first set of knee lifts […]

Big Girl Vs. Failure to Lose

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So the last time I weighed myself was the first week of my challenge to lose 65 pounds in 65 weeks. It was also the week of Christmas. During that weigh-in I didn’t gain, nor did I lose even an ounce of weight. This week I was excited to weigh myself. After a long day […]

Back at the Gym…Me Vs. The Resolutioners

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I am going to admit it freely I have been a bit of a chocolate hoarding slacker lately. So, I went back to the gym today from a week-long hiatus. It just so happened that I went around 5 o’clock. Usually I avoid this time of day because that’s when all the do-gooders get off […]

Week One Total (Failure…Sort of)

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I left the gym and then swung back to weigh myself on the fancy scale. After pulling off my boots, scarf, bag, coat and phone I stepped on, despite the looming high school kids talking about supplements to make your muscles feel better. “Half of the pain is mental though,” one said as I stepped […]

As noted in my previous post my lovely boyfriend bought me two boxes of chocolate AND two fancy candy bars for Christmas. Yesterday I told him, “I’m actually kind of excited about your chocolate gift. It’ll teach me self control.” I went on to detail all of my good intentions about having just one or […]