Now, I’m not too sure when this happened…but my cankles have gone up a size. Just a year ago when I was watching the first season of Honey Boo Boo and wondering why they all wore ankle socks and now I know…because the tops of their socks are too tight on their legs.

A little while ago I was staying with my boyfriend and didn’t have any clean socks with me so I asked him to lend me a pair. When he came back with either ankle socks or crew socks, I immediately chose the crew pair and then I had a panic, “What if the tops of the crew socks don’t fit me.” While I know my boyfriend loves my body and wouldn’t care if his socks were too tight on me, I’d be mortified. So I quickly traded them out, grabbing the shortie pair and saying, “I’ve never tried this kind before,” leaving out the “because I thought they were trashy and if I was going to wear them I might as well join Sam’s Club so I can buy cases of cheese balls in buckets.”

Pretty soon though, my boyfriend bought me a pack of his socks after I mentioned how I liked them. And today when I didn’t have any clean short socks I was forced to wear my old Hanes crew socks. I folded the tops down in half and by the time I took them off the ribbing of the material was temporarily tattooed onto my lower leg.

With promos running for the new season I am reminded of my fat ankled sisterhood and thinking it’s about time I buy another pack and make the switch for good….on the flip side though, if I lose enough weight that my sock tops are no longer tourniquets then I will know I have succeeded with this whole weight loss game…and save me a whole lot of money on cheese balls. Or maybe I should just try out those fatty diabetic socks that my Mom gave me for Christmas.