The other day I re-committed myself to the idea of being healthier and ultimately losing the weight I have been wanting to lose for a long, long time. I did this by posting a status update on Facebook declaring to the world (my alleged friends) that I will lose 6 pounds in a month’s time. This was meant to make it more official, to make me more accountable and to garner support from my friends in my quest to wear a one-piece that doesn’t have a skirt attached to it. But, no one liked it or commented except an old acquaintance of mine who recently gave birth and has a similar weight loss goal. She and I decided to embark on our weight loss adventure together.

The only problem is that she’s over 1000 miles away. At first this bothered me. We won’t get to hang out and talk about everything we aren’t eating. We won’t be able to wake up at 5 am and go on a jog before work. We won’t be able to have girls night where we eat carrot sticks and drink Mich Ultra and plan out how hot we will be while doing crunches. But, the fat girl in me was like, Great! If I don’t lose the weight I can just lie and say I did! Or, if she loses like 10 pounds I can tell her: ‘Gee, that’s swell but I lost 11!’ And then never post another pic from the head down again. Ever. Or just unfriend her.

Then today I got a message from her saying that it was so nice to have a weight loss buddy and that she and ‘the beast’ (her baby) were out for coffee.  I wrote back a love letter to team work. And spent the day not eating except for popsicles. But, when my boyfriend asked me what I want for dinner I said, “Pizza!” Then the image of her and her baby sitting on her small belly popped into my mind and my dreams of pizza faded. Damn, this buddy system really works!